SUYT - Palma Crew Accommodation

SUYT (Set Up Your Trip) is an expert crew housing and accommodation company located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. As well as offering a range of apartments and villas to suit all requirements, they can also help with excursions, travel and more.

Contact SUYT - Palma Crew Accommodation

Address: C/ Andrea Doria No. 8 Bajos Palma De Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain 07014

Tel: +34 971 96 25 51

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Crew accommodation includes

• 1 to 4 bedroom Apartments
• Entire building rental opportunities (16 Pax)
• Crew houses
• Properties around the island

SUYT has a dedicated team that will help you to find the right property for your stay in Mallorca. They can assist with check in/out, maintenance, sales and property management to guarantee the comfort of their guests.

Crew apartments in Palma

They can offer the best options for apartments, with a wide range of choice, whether you are on a budget or looking for the most luxurious accommodation available. All the apartments in Palma are located in the city centre, a maximum 10 minutes walking distance from the STP and Marina of Palma.

Their experience collaborating with crews during the last 3 years helped them to adapt all the apartments to the crew’s needs.

Crew houses and villas

SUYT is also able to offer a wide range of choice on private villas, again offering you anything from a villa with a private beach for 12 people to a villa in a residential area for 4 people.