ATIS Airawak


ATIS Airawak is a small air charter company in Martinique, supporting superyacht guests and crew with private aircraft charter and aviation services for inter-island transfers, excursions and logistics throughout their stay in the Caribbean.

Main contact

Address: Zone Aviation Gen. Aeroport Martinique A. Cesaire Le Lamentin, Martinique 97232

Tel: +596 596 51 66 88

Mob: +596 696 30 54 09

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ATIS Airawak is the ideal travel companion for superyacht guests and crewmembers in the Caribbean.

Operating out of Martinique, its private air charter and aviation services make for the easiest way to serve the yacht as it travels the region, affording access to some of the region’s best inland sights, facilitating quick inter-island transfers, and providing safe transport for the finest cargo.

Private aircraft charter in the Caribbean

Using Airawaks’ fleet of three multi-engine aircraft, clients gain both time and efficiency outside of the rigid schedules of commercial airlines.

Inter-island transfers

Pick the arrival and departure airports of your choice and travel in complete comfort and discretion.

Yacht support logistics

Receive safe delivery of delicate items, personal baggage, replacement parts and perishable provisions, often same-day.

Emergency air services

Instruct emergency air services to be underway when required. Travel by air ambulance to see specialist doctors in expert facilities.

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