Comilegno S.r.l


Comilegno specialises in the production of manufactured teak products for the interior and exterior outfitting of yachts, including teak yacht decking, marine flooring, coamings and handrails, compliant with maritime industry requirements.

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Address: V. Belvedere 30 Teor Udine, Italy 33050

Tel: +39 04 32 77 90 51

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Quality and craftsmanship goes into every delivery from Comilegno. Carefully selected raw materials, strict quality control and precision are the key focuses of every production run.

Marine teak for yachts

Teak imported by Comilegno comes from the forests of the low hills of Myanmar, giving it a golden colour and uniform grain; it is impenetrable, stable and resistant to sea agents making it perfect for marine applications aboard luxury yachts.

Timber teak is available in lengths of 1800–3000mm or 3000-5000mm, and in mixed widths and thicknesses – mainly 55 and 65mm.

Teak decking, margins, handrails and flooring are also available, according to custom requirements. Stripped and uniform, these conform to the standards required for use aboard superyachts.

Marine teaks and timbers for shipbuilding

All imported marine teak is selected to adhere to the quality standards required by the shipbuilding industry.

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