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“Eco-friendly cleaning supplies for the marine industry”


Made in the USA, Bio Green Clean eco-friendly cleaning products and supplies are ideal for cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces and superstructures of luxury boats and yachts around the world; safe for yacht crew, guests and marine life.

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Bio Green Clean (BGC) marine cleaning products and supplies are safer and more natural alternatives to the harsh cleaning chemicals typically used aboard boats and yachts, while still being heavy-duty, non-toxic and multi-purpose for a range of applications around the vessel.

Eco-friendly marine cleaning supplies

Concentrated and easily stored aboard, BGC is an eco-friendly cleaning product for your boat or yacht.

It is 100% plant derived with no harsh chemicals, dyes or colours, and it is 100% hypoallergenic, without harsh chemicals, perfumes or fragrances.

Using Bio Green Clean cleaning supplies to clean a superyacht

Bio Green Clean cleaning supplies are ideally suited to safely and effectively cleaning a range of surfaces aboard.

It is a concentrated marine cleaner

A little goes a long way. Bio Green Clean is a great space-saver on board, with one gallon of concentrate can make 10 or more gallons of cleaning solution. There are also fewer plastic bottles to store and dispose of.

It is a multi-purpose yacht cleaner

Simplifying cleaning. Bio Green Clean is safe to use a variety of surfaces, again saving precious space aboard, as multiple cleaners are not needed. BCG will remove mould, algae and nutrient build-up without removing the finishes aboard the boat and without harming the surrounding oceans.

It is an eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaner

Cleanliness does not have to be sacrificed for marine safety. Safe for yacht crew, guests and marine life, Bio Green Clean cleaning products are PH 8.3, which is close to that of seawater. It is plant-based, phosphate-free and contains no harsh chemicals.

It is a cleaner and a degreaser

BCG can be used for spot cleaning of vinyl’s, leathers, woods, chromes, fibreglass and canvas. It is also suitable to clean larger surfaces, such as the superyacht deck or hull.

Contact Bio Green Clean today to discuss your cleaning requirements today, or download the user guide below for yacht cleaning tips.

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