Fuel Star Spain S.L.

“Professional fuel tank cleaning and maintenance for superyachts”


Fuel Star Spain SL specialises in fuel tank cleaning aboard yachts and superyachts, providing fuel cleaning services and engine maintenance services in order to eliminate bacteria, water and undesired residues in marine fuel.

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Address: C/ San Jordi 6 Palma De Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain 07199

Tel: +34 727 78 47 94

Mob: +34 660 98 45 32

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Based in Palma de Mallorca, Fuel Star Spain SL offers an extensive range of fuel tank cleaning and maintenance services, eliminating the need for customers to use more than one business.

'Triple Service' fuel tank cleaning

Fuel Star uses sophisticated methods to eliminate bacteria, water and undesired residues in marine fuel, supplying products designed to prevent the return of bacteria.

For a comprehensive fuel cleaning service, Fuel Star’s 'Triple Service' includes:

• Fuel tank cleaning
• Revised cooling system and registration of fresh water levels
• Oil filter replacement

Fuel tank and cooling system decalcifying

By using a decalcifying system, Fuel Star Spain eliminates limescale build-up within the yacht's pipes and radiators, without the cost and disruption of dismantling of engine parts.

Using ultrasound, Fuel Star cleans intercoolers and radiators, preventing wear and tear caused to the engine components by abrasive products.

Marine oil servicing

Regular marine oil and filter changes are important in ensuring the optimum function of the yacht’s engine. Fuel Star performs oil analysis in order to prevent damage to the yacht's engine, and is a supplier of high-quality marine oils and filters.

Fuel Star offers the Marpol service to certify that your waste is safely disposed of, helping to care for the environment.

Yacht maintenance services

In addition to their fuel cleaning services, Fuel Star works with a highly-qualified team to offer a range of on-board maintenance services, including:

• General yacht maintenance
• Cleaning of bow propellers
• Hull sanding and preparation for antifouling
• Metal polishing
• Replacement of anodes
• Generator services
• Electrical system repair
• On-board pump maintenance
• Interior cleaning and upholstery services

Contact Fuel Star Spain today to arrange fuel tank cleaning and maintenance services for your luxury yacht or superyacht.

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