Carpets, curtains or upholstery, Inter-Nett has the skills and experience to clean and maintain that 'just new' look on your fine furnishings.

Main contact

Address: C.O.B Lot. No. 8. Centre d'Affaires ZA Galisbay, Simpson Bay, St Maarten 97150

Tel: +1 721 580 5642

E: send us an email

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Brilliant company

, Deckhand of 20m to 30m Serendipity - 24/10/2014-15:04
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I work with Inter-Nett 3 or 4 times a year. They are a brilliant company to work with.

Highly recommended

, Deckhand - 24/10/2014-10:52
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Every time I have used Inter-Nett I have never been disappointed. They provide a great service and are brilliant at what they do.

Use them time and time again

, Stewardess of 20m to 30m Ganesha I - 07/10/2013-16:53
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They are reliable, they can get anything done - they do a great job. I have always used them on numerous yachts.


- 27/09/2012-12:13
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They provide an excellent service, either in the Med or the Caribbean. We were very pleased to use them.