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Address: 5225 Snead Island Rd. Palmetto, FL, Florida, USA 34220

Tel: +1 941 722 4450

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Flip Of A Coin Quality

, Sailboat Rigger Snead Island Boat Works/ Keel To Mast Marine - 30/01/2017-09:36
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Snead Island Boat Works Inc continues to profit from the reputation the old manager, Steve Austin, earned them. When you bring your boat to Snead Island Boat Works there is little chance the manager, Bill Barlow, will conduct quality control. Bill Barlow often relies solely upon the information given to him by employees. If you are looking for Bill, you can usually find him operating the travel lift, instead of checking to make sure that your boat is being taken care of. The son in law, Talmadge "Matt" Mathews, knows very little about boats and even less about managing a boat yard. Gary Alderman, while he was once the backbone of Snead Island Boat Works, has little involvement in the day to day operations of his company. Gary Alderman will usually "fix" the wrong doings at his yard on the tail end, by adjusting the billing. For the sixty to ninety dollars an hour you will spend at Snead Island Boat Works, you are much better off taking your boat elsewhere.To all future Island Packet Yachts 'Chainplate' and 'Tank' job owners, be sure you personally remove your cushions. To all past Island Packet Yachts 'Chainplate' and 'Tank' job owners, you might get itchy when you sit on your cushions, as they were not removed before fiberglass was ground (Loafers Glory, Wanderlust, among many others). Some of the employees at Snead Island Boat Works take it upon themselves to do a good job, many will do the bare minimum. Given that there is little to no quality control from management, the flip of a coin might as well determine the quality of work your boat will leave with. Be wary.

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