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Van Allen Crew Agency

Leticia Van Allen, founder and director of Van Allen Group manages the longest established and highly respected international yacht crew recruitment agency in Spain, from the Palma de Mallorca offices.

Contact Van Allen Crew Agency

Address: Online Service Palma De Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain

Tel: +34 670 53 27 73

Mob: +34 670 53 27 73

Van Allen Group is a specialist crew recruitment agency, placing competent crew on professional yachts globally. They believe that a yacht is only as good as its crew, and respond accordingly to creating successful matches between vetted candidates and professional yachts.

Crew agency in Palma de Mallorca

They have a user-friendly website which makes it quick and easy to apply for jobs; upload your CV and personal details for the jobs you want and they will do the rest.

The best candidates for yachts

Van Allen Group provide the highest quality candidates, ensuring all applicants chosen for interviews have up to date references, are suitable for the role and interested in the position.

Yacht crew placement and training in Palma de Mallorca

Dorset Castle Kitchen. in collaboration with Van Allen Group. is now offering intensive cookery courses designed by an experienced yacht chef & restauranteur. Contact Van Allen group for more information.

25 years of business that will go on for many more years

, Captain of 60m+ S/Y Mirabella V - 15/01/2015-15:51
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I have been asked for a reference for Leticia Van Allen and her company ‘Van Allen Group Crew Placement’.

This I do with pleasure as it is very easy. I have known Leticia for 25 years and done business with her company even since she started it. I only have good things to say about her as a person, but also as a business. No BS, just good solid ethics and a get on with it attitude.

Our business relationship will go on for many years I am sure.

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Personalised Service

, Captain of 60m+ Smooth Operator - 10/09/2013-14:00
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I have known Leticia personally for many years and use her services often when crew recruitment issues come up.

All crewing agencies use computer data bases but Leticia adds a more personalised service than any of the others. She has met far more of the candidates than the other agents and she seems to really try and get crew and boats which actually "fit each other".

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The right candidates for the right jobs

- 29/05/2013-11:52
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Having known Leticia Van Allen, and her most excellent international crew agency, Van Allen Group for close to twenty years, I can easily recommend her professional services. Based out of Palma de Mallorca, Leticia and her experienced staff do crew placement the 'old-fashioned' way, by carefully checking references, vetting candidates, and working closely with captain and owners to place the right candidates in the right jobs - that's the secret of her long success.

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Used for over a decade

, Director of Curvelle - 29/05/2013-10:27
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We have used Leticia van Allen's boutique crew agency's tailor made services with satisfaction for over a decade.

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Great Service

, Captain of 60m+ M/Y Samar - 29/05/2013-10:19
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Want to thank you for the great service and taking the time to really find candidates that “fit” into the crew makeup and have the necessary skills and requirements.

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