Whether you are looking for superior quality crew or a job on one of the world’s most luxurious yachts, Y.CREW can help.

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Address: 17 Av. Albert II Monaco, France / Monaco 98000

Tel: +377 93 50 12 12

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So helpful

, of 60m+ - 09/06/2015-13:15
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Thank you! You were always so helpful! I'm never going to forget that! Will let you know for sure if I need crew in future.

Thank you

, Crew member of 51m to 60m - 09/06/2015-13:14
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Thanks for your time yesterday. We very much appreciated you taking the opportunity to get a clear picture as to what we are looking for. We were both very impressed with level of professionalism and the amount of time you devoted to us.

A valuable service

Chief Officer of 41m to 50m - 16/09/2014-09:58
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I have been using the services of Y.CREW on and off over the last eight months to assist me with recruiting new junior crew. I have found Y.CREW to offer a valuable service in terms of crew placement for us, as the company has always replied to my requests swiftly and accurately.
We have taken on crew via Y.CREW and will be using them for any future crewing requirements.

Always positive and helpful

, Captain of 20m to 30m - 16/09/2014-09:57
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Y.CREW are always positive and helpful with a personal approach which has naturally lead me to keep in good contact with them throughout the development of my yachting career. Y.CREW was the first crew recruitment agency in the Med to place me into a captain’s role and they recently did it again with my current role. I am grateful for Y.CREW’s genuine interest in me and their continued support.

A dedicated agency

Chief Stew of 60m+ - 16/09/2014-09:57
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After 7 years in the industry, I have found Y.CREW to be a great source for finding the perfect candidate on yachts I have worked on. They are a dedicated agency and their commitment to finding the right crew is always a priority which has always made me use them time and time again. They have always helped me progress with my career by listening to my needs and desires. They have helped to shape which direction I have taken my career by presenting me with great opportunities. Y.CREW are a prestigious and dedicated agency that I will highly recommend to any Owner, Captain or Chief Stewardess.

Big thank you!

Chief Stew of 60m+ - 16/09/2014-09:56
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It is my pleasure to send my big thanks to all of you for your efforts, advice and referrals over the years. I have known of Y.CREW since your birth in Antibes many years ago and have dealt with you as an employer of interior crew and also a crew member looking for work in this amazing industry. It is in both capacities that I can say there is a human element at Y.CREW that is welcoming from a crew agency that you don’t get elsewhere, and I think that is what makes Y.CREW different. As a chief steward looking for crew, I have been pleased as Y.CREW want to find out what the yacht is like professionally and socially for new crew.

Always a pleasure

, Captain of 51m to 60m . - 16/09/2014-09:55
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It has been a pleasure working with Y.CREW over the past 6 years. Y.CREW offers a refreshing approach to crew placement bringing professionalism and fun together resulting in a quality experienced crew with the all-important 'can do' attitude.

Most professional agency

, Captain of 41m to 50m . - 16/09/2014-09:55
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I have used Y.CREW for some years now, probably since they first started! They have always been the most professional agency to deal with and are always courteous and spend time with me, whether on the ‘hunt’ for a new position or ‘hunting’ for new crew. The crew I do employ from them have always turned out to be ‘stayers’ and therefore Y.CREW have made my job much easier to do in the long run.

Time savers!

, Captain of 41m to 50m . - 16/09/2014-09:54
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As a captain, I have always found that crew recruitment is a time consuming process. I have been sourcing crew through Y.CREW for many years. The staff at Y.CREW have always been friendly and efficient, and I have been able to count on them to provide me with suitable candidates-rather than a handful of CV’s which may or may not meet the vessel’s criteria. This has saved me a lot of time. I have also been consistently impressed by the quality of candidates provided to me by Y.CREW, and the personal knowledge that the Y.CREW staff often have of the candidates they put forward.


, Captain of 20m to 30m . - 16/09/2014-09:53
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I have worked in the Industry for thirty years, mostly on what are now considered small yachts, albeit where you still get wet on night watches across the Atlantic. I have experienced so many agencies who do not really have a clue and have little or no experience of having actually worked with difficult owners guests and managers. Y.CREW put me forward to a now very content mature owner who would have otherwise sold his yacht last year for good, he is likely to enjoy many more seasons thanks to Y.CREW’s reading the situation with professional diligence and common sense to the benefit of all concerned.

Fantastic support

Captain of 60m+ - 16/09/2014-09:52
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My experience with Y.CO and Y.CREW have been nothing but positive. Gary Wright and his team have been a great help personally. Y.CREW provides good candidates and follow up with regular emails which is important for me as a captain. It is very easy to be distracted, there are so many things to attend to and a friendly reminder from your office is a great help.
Good quality candidates with a brief but concise CV is the key to recruitment. Having copies of all documents, references and further photos on file also saves us a lot of time.
In summary the clear presentation of well vetted quality candidates coupled with the support and experience of the Y.CO parent company and its understanding of all aspects of the industry place Y.CREW in a strong position to be a first call for any captain.

A great service

, Captain of 41m to 50m M/Y Megan - 16/09/2014-09:51
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You have really provided some excellent resumes and worked hard. Thank you so much for helping us and providing a great service.

Thank you

, . Alexander Yachts - 16/09/2014-09:50
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I want to say thank you for all your help, you were by far the most efficient and productive person helping me on this. Even though it didn’t work out this time as your placement I will most certainly contact you first for any further crew members needed.

Very satisfied

, . of 41m to 50m M/Y D’Angleterre II - 16/09/2014-09:49
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I am super satisfied and enjoy working with the Y.CREW team. Diana spent time to find me the perfect chief stew and did it all during her holiday’s – perfect service!