Fire Aid Maritime Academy

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Fire Aid Maritime Academy provides a complete range of both land based and on-board safety training for the superyacht industry worldwide.

Main contact

Address: Hythe Marine Park Shore Rd., Hythe Southampton, United Kingdom SO45 6HE

Tel: +44 (0)14 25 40 24 30

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STCW-95 Course

N/A - 07/11/2013-10:01
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A well run STCW-95 course with experienced trainers and fantastic ship realistic fire fighting facilities. I hope I never experience a real fire on a ship but if I do I know I am much better prepared for what it will be like working through small hot compartments. Great value for money with friendly and really helpful staff.

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, Stewardess Super Yachts - 18/10/2013-12:50
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Amazing course. Great content both in the classroom and practically. The trainers were fabulous, never thought that I could have so much fun learning. If you need your STCW95 then this is the place to go.

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STCW95 Course

, SG African Maritime Safety and Security Agency - 28/08/2013-22:41
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My experience as a student on this course was excellent ! Very experienced instructors, especially Mr. Chris. I enjoyed his dynamic way of instructing. The practical fire fighting module was perfect!

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, Singer Costa - 28/08/2013-17:12
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Great course! Amazing fun! Would suggest it to anyone who needs their stcw95. The instructors are very informative and you feel safe with them all. They know how to have fun and get you involved!

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Great Course

N/A - 28/08/2013-12:43
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Great course, experience and instructors.

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Fire Aid

, Skipper/Crew Freelance - 27/08/2013-18:10
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Who as a child didn't want to grow up to be a fireman (fire person)?!
I have just completed STCW PSSR/FPFF with Fire Aid. Anyone needing these qualifications should look here first. The pre-course information and directions were accurate, informative and uncluttered with the usual waffle. The training and support staff are all professionals in their field working across the globe. As for the practical fire will be tested! Gives you a real feel of what you will be up against should the worst happen. Total respect for those who do it for real. Enjoy the 'Ballet lessons' (Thanks Chris).

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