Working with the whole crew, seniors or with individuals, we tailor our bespoke team & leadership development to you, your yacht & busy schedules.

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Confidential yet constructive

, Captain of 60m+ - 11/10/2016-13:17
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I have had Karen and her team aboard several of the vessels that I have commanded. The benefits that I have experienced from having Impact Crew aboard are that crew harmony is improved, inter-departmental team working increases and crew have the opportunity to express their views in a confidential, yet constructive way. I would have no hesitation in recommending Impact Crew, whether to run a whole crew team event, work with the senior crew to improve their leadership or to run 1:1 coaching.

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Effective development & leadership training

, Captain of 41m to 50m Queen Aida - 16/09/2016-15:03
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I would like to recommend Impact Crew for their effective development & leadership training. After two days’ training my crew learned to communicate openly and effectively in order to solve problems that arise within a team due to the human element. During the season we have used her tips and methods which have had a positive impact on how well my crew work together.
I guarantee that you will appreciate the need to have Karen on board or ashore to bring your crew together to form a cohesive team though her management training.

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Engaging and interactive

The Crew Network - 18/12/2013-11:43
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Karen made the two days relevant, engaging and interactive, and gave us tools that we can start using immediately. I would strongly recommend Impact Crew to any Captain or Head of Department.

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Solved issues

, Captain M/Y Galaxy - 18/12/2013-11:41
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I've been saying this for years. Had Karen on board Galaxy a few years ago during a trying crew period and we came out the other side as a very strong knit crew going into an extremely busy season. Solved a lot of issues.

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Helps to create the Dream Team

, Captain - 18/12/2013-11:39
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All Captains and management companies I encourage you all to contact Karen and invite her on board to bring out the best in your crew. Karen has the experience and the expertise to identify and solve potential inter-crew issues and bring out the best in all crew members (including captains) and help create the Dream Team.

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