Ocean Training is the worldwide leader in e-learning/distance RYA and MCA crew training courses for the marine industry.

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Great course

, BA NA - 11/06/2015-00:25
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Just finished my Coastal Skipper/ YM Offshore theory course with Ocean Training. They have great course materials and very helpful and knowledgeable tutors.

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Fantastic quality of materials

, . - 21/10/2014-16:19
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May I compliment you on the quality of the Ocean Training Online materials. The combination of reference material, clear explanations and simulations is impressive. (It is certainly more comprehensive than the standard books.) I now have to think of the day skipper practical course but will get in some more sailing with my local club first. (This July I am crewing on a boat from Niieuwpoort (Belgium) to Ramsgate, then up the East Coast finishing in the Orwell River before returning to Niieuwpoort.)

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Highly recommended

, . RNLI Lifeboat Coxswain - 21/10/2014-16:18
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I was extremely impressed with the high quality student training materials and support provided by Ocean Training Online during my Yachtmaster Ocean (shore based) distance learning course. As a maritime trainer in both military and civilian environments for over 20 years, I would highly recommend Ocean Training Online to anyone who is considering furthering their maritime training.

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Thank you

, . - 21/10/2014-16:17
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Thank you very much for the great work you and your team are doing teaching Navigation and Seamanship as it should be!
Also my special thanks for your congratulations and help with delivering my certificate to Lagos.

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Very professional

, . - 21/10/2014-16:16
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Thank you for the Course, excellent materials with very clear detailed explanations. Special thanks to my tutor – Deborah, for professional support.

I also recommend all people from non-English speaking countries who are interested in “marine science” to take the course from Ocean Training Online. Russian marine science began with the Tsar Peter the Great. He has learned from Dutch and as still now, all terminology in Russian language is completely different from English. It’s easy and efficient to take all needed knowledge from Ocean Training’s excellent clear materials with perfect tutor’s support.

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Tonnes of support

, . - 21/10/2014-16:07
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I am delighted to have passed but I think a lot of the credit should go to those that developed the course and those that support it. A year ago I thought it all to be very daunting but here we are. My thanks again.

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Thanks for your help!

, . - 21/10/2014-15:56
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Thank you again for an excellent course and all your help in the last few months. I am only glad that we came by your booth at the Monaco Yacht Show.

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