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TAG Global Training offers accredited courses in aviation and aircraft safety, preparing superyacht crew with the skills needed for Global Service Excellence in the air. TAG offers the perfect safety course additions to a CV.

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Address: Farnborough Airport, Hampshire Farnborough, United Kingdom GU14 6XA

Tel: +44 (0)12 52 37 90 32

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TAG offers two aviation training courses created for yacht crew: the Yacht Crew Aircraft Safety Training for those who may be tasked with facilitating on board a private jet, and Global Service Excellence to understand how to deliver exceptional service on board a private jet.

TAG’s Yacht Crew Aircraft Safety Training

Designed for superyacht crew with no experience in aviation, this course is suitable for all ranks and can be delivered worldwide (half-day course). Topics include:

• Pilot incapacitation
• Emergencies
• Decompression and turbulence
• Helipad awareness

TAG’s Superyacht Global Service Excellence Training

An owner’s journey, be it on a jet or yacht, should go as seamlessly as possible. With TAG’s Superyacht Global Service Excellence Training, crew will be ready to ensure perfect service in the air or at sea (three-day course). Topics include:

• Catering a flight and menu planning
• First impressions and etiquette
• Service concepts
• Culinary speciality options

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