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Thoroughly enjoyed it

, . N/A - 16/04/2014-09:43
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I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 days. I researched courses for quite a while and no other courses covered these areas. The spirits section was interactive and informative, and the instructor held everyone’s attention for the 3 days.Overall it was a once in a lifetime experience having the best of the best in one venue. I’ll definitely be recommending the course and am interested in taking part in future courses.

Very informative

, . N/A - 16/04/2014-09:43
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Very informative, covering a wide range of topics. The instructor was very knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. I would strongly recommend this course for any Chief Stewardess.

Great pace

M/Y White Cloud - 16/04/2014-09:42
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As I have had no previous experience I found the pace of the course excellent. All the service practicals were very useful and I have a much better understanding of service.

Excellent pace

, M/Y White Cloud . - 16/04/2014-09:41
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As I have had no previous experience I found the pace of the course excellent. All the service practicals were very useful and I have a much better understanding of service.

Great energy

, . N/A - 16/04/2014-09:40
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I have to pay a compliment to Sarah, she has great energy and attitude and makes the learning and the practice so much enjoyable for everyone.

Very useful

, . N/A - 16/04/2014-09:39
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The course was very useful, provided plenty of interesting facts, tips and information. Sarah was amazing and a great tutor. Really appreciate Sarah’s personal comments, own experiences and examples from yachting reality.

Good fun

, . N/A - 16/04/2014-09:38
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Being videoed was good so you can see what looks good or bad. Housekeeping, turn down and making beds was good, but more tailored to Hermitage would have been helpful. Touched on packing and unpacking suitcases was tailored to Hermitage. Carpet cleaning was good and fun.


, . N/A - 16/04/2014-09:37
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The Interior course overall was excellent. It was really specific to Hermitage, and Sarah Whitlock was extremely knowledgeable and professional. The floristry was really beneficial to myself, as it was the first time I have done any ‘proper’ flower arranging, and learning about the care of plants will be great for the forthcoming season. The housekeeping side of things was also really worthwhile as I had little previous experience in this area, and feel confident that I understand the level needed for Hermitage.

Sarah was great

Stewardess - 16/04/2014-09:36
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Sarah was a great teacher and she opened my eyes to the levels of service required on yachts.

Helped build my confidence

, . N/A - 16/04/2014-09:35
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I truly recommend this course for all interior crew. Sarah is a great teacher and really helped to build my confidence. Thank you.

A fantastic teacher

, . N/A - 16/04/2014-09:34
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I thought Sarah was a fantastic teacher and made the course very pleasant. I feel like I have learnt a lot from her, she is very inspiring. Everything was covered and made sense. I shall highly recommend this course. The lunches with real guests could have not been a better way to learn. Thank you all, I will certainly do more courses with you.

An immense increase in knowledge

, Chief Stewardess N/A - 16/04/2014-09:29
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During my many years in the Yachting Industry I have taken many coursers, and the Purser course has been by far the best! The instructor Katrine Nielsen devotes great amount of effort and interest in her students, she can sense every individual need and cater to it. The material The Crew Academy has put together has given me an immense increase in knowledge and skills, helping me comprehend the on board administrative part of any vessel. Well worth the money and time, I am confident this course will help me bring with me a higher level of organization and professionalism.

An excellent teacher

, . of 60m+ N/Y - 16/04/2014-09:28
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Katrine is an excellent teacher. She explains things clearly and has a very thorough understanding of what she is teaching and clearly has a great passion for what she does.

Very happy

, Chief Stewardess N/A - 16/04/2014-09:27
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I was very happy with all aspects of this course, the content was very thorough. The ‘live-in’ arrangement was fantastic! It allowed more time to focus on the course. Katrine is incredibly patient and an excellent trainer. I look forward to watching The Crew Academy grow very strongly in this industry. Well done!

Thank you

, 2nd Officer N/A - 16/04/2014-09:25
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General misconceptions exist on how restricted each person’s role is depending on their job title/ department that they belong to. 
Katrine teaches how to be a strong figure in each department as a Purser, and all the skills needed to be appreciated personally and professionally on board. 
It is obvious Katrine was one of the best Pursers out there. At first you think it must be because she is an accredited accountant, but you soon realize being a Purser is so much more diverse than paper pushing—it’s forward-thinking. Her vast experience and passion for creative problem-solving alone teaches a lot on the simple necessities needed for this industry.

The small class room was greatly beneficial, she was very readily able to teach all the different levels that we were. 

I was very weary of this course because I have had only experience with the deck side of things, no previous experience with senior interior duties, but since this course I feel more well-rounded with my capabilities on-board and most importantly more confidant within myself!

I am very satisfied with this course and excited on all the great contacts I’ve had the pleasure of meeting along the way.

 Thank you Crew Academy!

Highly recommended

, 2nd Stewardess N/A - 16/04/2014-09:24
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I am very happy to recommend the Purser course; for any interior crew member who manages a team as chief or second stewardess, and for those in between positions or yachts looking to make a real career out of the industry. It offers a great confidence boost in knowledge and experience, first hand! I’ve found the lessons valuable and sharing experiences with other students vital.

A great course

, Purser Course PYA Accredited - 16/04/2014-09:23
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The PYA is delighted to recommend the Purser course run by The Crew Academy. This bespoke, high-end training will hugely benefit not only the individual crew member, but the entire yacht, with better educated, heightened and skilled personnel. This course is a credit to both The Crew Academy and the PYA and a great reflection of where training for interior crew is now heading for the future.