Fluid Global Solutions S.r.l.

"Specialist suppliers of complete pumps and spare parts for yachts"


Fluid Global Solutions supplies complete pumps, compressors, purifiers and heat exchanger units for yachts and superyachts. The main priority for Fluid Global Solutions Ltd is to meet diverse customer needs regarding marine fluid handling machines.

Main contact

Address: Via delle Pianazze, 74 La Spezia, Italy 19136

Tel: +39 01 87 19 53 24 5

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Located next to the port city of La Spezia, Italy, midway between Genoa and Livorno, Fluid Global Solutions operate in all areas of a yacht that involves pumps and spare parts;

Fluid handling in the marine industry

Fluid has a long history in the yachting and marine industries, It is thanks to these decades of experience that they are able to recommend the correct yacht parts to pump inert liquids in event the most challenging situations.

Their core business is the supply of pumps and spare parts with both standard and “custom” solutions; operating under the ISO 9001:2008 certified procedure in this field, the company has constantly focused over the years on finding solutions able to provide a rapid and efficient response to customers’ needs, maintaining maximum reliability in terms of product quality and service flexibility;

Sales network

Their international sales network and technical expertise, combined with the latest in ordering systems, allows Fluid Global Solutions to manage orders to be dispatched within a very efficient timeframe.

Fluid Global Solutions can supply centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps of any type and for any kind of on-board service, as well as spare parts for any pump type, both national and foreign ones.

In fact, they are able to ensure timely delivery in 95% of cases, typically dispatching orders within 24 hours.

Yacht pumps

Fluid Global Solutions supplies a range of pumps and spare parts for superyacht refits, including:

• Centrifugal pumps
• Multistage pumps
• Multicellular pumps
• Side channel pumps
• Mono screw pumps
• Three screw pumps
• Gear pumps
• Pressuring pumps
• Spare parts for every type and brand of pumps
• Refit and repair pumps

Compressors, Purifiers and heat exchangers

• Complete unit and spare parts for main air compressors
• Complete unit and spare parts for air conditioned compressors
• Complete unit and spare parts for oil and fuel purifier
• Complete unit and spare parts for heat exchanger

Hours of work

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm

Additional Information

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