Marine Transmissions

“Specialists in emergency maintenance for marine engines & gearboxes”


Marine Transmissions is a specialist in marine engines and engineering services aboard superyachts. They specialise in the rebuild and repair of gearboxes, and mechanical and hydraulic gears of all brands aboard vessels from Monaco to St Tropez.

Main contact

Address: Z.I. des Tourrades Allee Georges Guynemer Mandelieu La Napoule, France / Monaco 06150

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 47 72 73

Mob: +33 (0)6 09 06 01 10

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Founded almost 20 years ago, Marine Transmissions was formed by a team of individuals with a passion for marine mechanical systems and equipment.

Marine Transmissions specialises in emergency engine repair, troubleshooting and maintenance aboard superyachts, and sells couplings, heat exchangers and more. They also provide oil and various accessories for yachts, such as repair kits, sets of seals, kits discs, pressure sensors, and marine paint and aerosols.

Marine engineering services

Marine Transmissions’ marine department specialises in the repair and rebuild of gearboxes and mechanical and hydraulic gears of all brands, including Twin Disc, Walter and Vulkan. The proper functioning of all repaired or exchanged units is validated by a series of tests before the equipment and components leave the factory.

Superyacht engine services

The adjustment department specialises in the resurfacing of cylinder heads, cylinder-head trials (MTU- MAN-CAT heads, etc.), exhaust manifolds, engine blocks, turbo body, cylinder rebore, flywheel grinding, brake rotors, valves, valve seats and drum assemblies.

NF Sailing X50-822 standard certification

Marine Transmissions continues their commitment to move towards the standards compliant with environmental and sustainable development, and remains mindful of the rules and principles of quality security. From a technical point of view, the team is continuously trained on new products, to provide for their various suppliers.

Since 2008 their business has been accredited as compliant with the certification rules of "Sailing Trading and Maintenance" of the NF Service.

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Marine Transmissions On Board Maintenance Services

I wouldn't go any where else...

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We have always used Marine Transmissions for all our gear box work and have been satisfied every time.

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