Lyvio Marine Electrics


Lyvio Marine Electrics is a marine electrical equipment specialist based in Port Vauban, Antibes and Port Santa Lucia, St Raphael. They supply an impressive range of parts, as well as offer maintenance and repair services on board yachts.

Main contact

Address: 4 Av. Frédéric Mistral Antibes, France / Monaco 06600

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 34 18 89

Mob: +33 (0)6 25 69 37 55

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Lyvio Marine Electrics is a well-known and highly respected marine electrical equipment specialist. This third-generation family run company has many years of experience and are able to offer a range of impressive services and parts.

Electrical engineering services

Lyvio has their own workshop, where they work on all types of marine-based equipment including pumps, motors, alternators etc. as well as all types of brands such as Calpeda, Gianneschi and Tellarini.

They have a team of five qualified technicians, who are available on short notice anywhere from Italy to Marseille. Lyvio is able to offer the following:

• Repair and installation
• Trouble shooting
• Impressive range of parts in stock
• Free delivery
• Free quotation
• Fault diagnosis

Lyvio has a large store close to the harbour in Antibes supplying a wide range of marine electrical products including marine batteries, chargers, pumps and accessories and supply stock parts for brands such as Cantalupi, Gianneschi, Calpeda, Tellanni, Mastervolt, Marechal Electric Vlmar, Sanguineti.

Finished a technical job in just 3 hours

- 11/04/2012-14:55
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Very good service - throughout the French riviera, Lyvio also made several modifications to our brand new boat.

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