Home & Marine Electronic Systems GmbH

“Providers of marine entertainment systems to the highest standard”

Home & Marine Electronics Systems GmbH provides the highest standard of entertainment systems for yachts and superyachts worldwide.

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Address: Uhthoffstrasse 14-16 Bremen, Germany 28790

Operating in: Germany

Tel: +49 (0)4 21 66 15 46

Home & Marine Electronics Systems are experts in installing yachts and superyachts with the best entertainment equipment available. Whatever your needs, they are able to use their experience and expertise in marine electronics to supply your yacht with a system that is easy to use, reliable and above all impressive.

Yacht entertainment systems

They can supply you with the latest High Definition TV, Blu-Ray quality movies, and fantastic multi-channel surround sound. Films and music can be stored on a central server to give you instant access, and screens and electronic equipment can be hidden in ceilings or furniture when not in use.

Marine entertainment products and services include

• Video systems
• Audio systems
• Movies and music on demand
• Satellite reception
• High quality sound and picture distribution
• Easy, elegant and reliable control of systems

Marine video systems

All the latest and best high definition standards of marine video systems are available in any screen size - from 13” LCD TVs to 152” plasma screens.

Home & Marine Electronics Systems also provide the best possible amplifiers and speakers for any given area of a yacht.

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