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"Experts in installation & maintenance of entertainment & communication"

Triton provides tailored installations to some of the yachting industry's most innovative entertainment, technology and communications projects. Their range of technical expertise, partnered with creativity, results in exceptional superyacht systems.

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Address: 530 Industry Dr. Seattle, WA, Washington, USA 98188

Operating in: USA

Tel: +1 206 453 6120

Since 2004, Triton Technical has utilised their technological expertise to create, install, and maintain exceptional AV, IT, satellite, and communication systems onboard some of the world’s most elite superyachts.

Offering true 24/7/365 support, their team of engineers are located around the globe and available to serve any time, any place.

Superyacht AV, IT, satellite, and communication services

With experience on some of the world’s largest superyachts, Triton Technical approaches each project as a collaboration of inspiration, organisation, technical expertise, and timing.

• Conceptual design and technology specification
• Refit and project planning
• AV distribution and experience
• Entertainment systems
• Steward call solutions
• It infrastructure
• Media storage and delivery
• Surveillance systems
• Cellular and satellite communication systems and services
• Telecom services
• Tetra ultra high frequency (uhf) radio systems
• Shore private (non-cloud) it hosting services
• Av/it/sat/comm system installation
• 24/7/365 support

Immersive yacht entertainment experiences

Triton specialises in custom state-of-the-art AV systems including audio and video on-demand, satellite TV, IPTV, immersive surround systems, and extraordinary high definition cinemas.

Dynamic yacht control system interfaces

Triton tailors each of their control systems to the aesthetic of each yacht. Catering to all an owner’s specifications, their custom graphical interfaces are user-friendly and highly efficient, requiring three button presses or less to achieve any function. Guests and crew are instantly comfortable manoeuvring the devices and have broad access to all the features and functions they need.

Advanced IT infrastructures

Triton IT and networking infrastructures deliver the same quality, resilience, and redundancy as found in many Fortune 100 companies

Their IT systems are designed in such a way that they offer guaranteed business continuity, data integrity, and secure remote access to documents and email through reliable and enterprise-tested infrastructure.

Reliable yacht internet connectivity

Triton provide reliable, secure, and cost-effective communication systems that are essential for daily living.

Whether it’s the ability to seamlessly switch between various networks, manage unified communications, or easily prioritise data traffic, Triton can provide systems that are scaled to your needs.

24/7/365 support

Triton offers the industry’s most accessible and comprehensive support service—available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Their team of technical engineers are located globally, meaning, they can field any technical questions – no matter your location.

A unique benefit, Triton proactively monitors client systems, addressing potential issues before they become problems. Over 98 percent of all support issues are handled remotely, allowing you to get back to enjoying what you want to do.

Contact Triton today to discuss superyacht AV, IT, satellite, and communication systems.

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