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Address: 7 Av., Paul Arne Antibes, France / Monaco 06600

Tel: +33 (0)4 83 15 70 20

W: http://www.creatif-flowers.com
E: send us an email

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Beautiful flowers!

- 27/09/2012-08:48
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They have the most beautiful flowers and beautiful arrangements. They also provide a very helpful service. Would definitely recommend this company.

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- 12/09/2012-11:15
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Sharon & Mazen of Creatif flowers provided a consistently high standard of flowers/arrangements throughout the season, were willing to take on last minute orders as well as deliveries and didn't charge exorbitant prices for it, as some florists tend to do. Flowers were always fresh and arrangements made exactly to order. With the smiles and pleasant atmosphere in the shop, and an ice-cold beer always on offer on a hot day, I am happy to recommend Creatif to any yacht stewardess/business etc as a reliable source for great quality flowers.

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- 09/09/2012-10:15
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Creatif is an English speaking florist and extremely helpful, I love to use them because not only are their flowers beautifully kept and fresh everyday they are able to help and deliver for you from wherever you are in the world. And they do it with a lot of care and in record time. I look forward to using their outstanding services in the future. 

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- 12/04/2012-15:50
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Very nice, they are willing to give lots of information about making your own arrangements (they even have classes) as well as advice on care for plants. Good supply even then day before the boat show.

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