Roni Floral Design

“Floral design and bespoke floristry in the South of France”


RONI Floral Design is an established florist in Antibes, France. With years of experience, and further floristry shops throughout the French Riviera, it specialises in beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements for yachts across France and worldwide.

Main contact

Address: 2040 Chemin de St Bernard, Port 12, Vallauris, Antibes, France / Monaco 06600

Operating in: France / Monaco

Tel: +33 (0)6 14 62 25 47

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From gift bouquets to large, bespoke floral arrangements for events and functions, the RONI team is able to cater to almost any floristry request, big or small.

Bespoke floral arrangements in Antibes

Started as a family business from a long line of floral artists, RONI has always embodied the art of floristry and to this day, is dedicated to providing incredible floral arrangements and flowers for events, villas, yachts, and more in the South of France.

Whether you’re hosting an important event on board that requires elaborate floral features, or just need guest bouquets, RONI will ensure your flowers create the perfect impression.

Abroad, RONI has set up an efficient logistics process meant to optimise its service, from production and delivery to set-up.

Exclusive yacht florists in the South of France

RONI has years of hands-on experience catering for yachts, with one of its biggest projects being a three-metre-tall floral centrepiece made of 1,500 orchids, weighing over 250kg.

It has also once, at a client’s request, used 15,000 white roses to transform every room on a superyacht in one night.

From floral centrepieces for exclusive events, to bouquets for bedrooms, RONI will provide you with the perfect flowers. Contact RONI today.