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Contact Un Peu Beaucoup

Address: 103 Av. de la Californie Nice, France / Monaco 06200

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 86 67 39

W: http://www.un-peu-beaucoup.fr
E: send us an email

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Gold fingers!

- 22/09/2015-14:26
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Artisans with fairy fingers. In the shop, you can find an incredible array of flowers and plants at reasonable prices.

Their compositions are sublime and when it comes to a wedding you will not be disappointed, from the bouquet to the decoration of the car.

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Flower wizards!

- 22/09/2015-14:25
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These florists really enjoy advising on the best bouquets at the most reasonable prices. Amazing hospitality. They are geniuses!

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Well done Frederique

- 22/09/2015-14:22
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I had an extremely positive experience. The delivery and the display were delivered extremely quickly. Apart from the flowers I particularly appreciated the quick turnaround, the recycled packaging and the eco-friendly approach. I would do it again!

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A bespoke service and a successful wedding party

- 22/09/2015-14:14
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We needed flowers for our wedding and we have been warmly welcomed by the team. The owner is definitely a straight talker and she gives some excellent advice, but most of all she had our best interests at heart.

One week after the wedding we still have our table decorations and they are still looking fab! A warm welcome and an environmentally friendly approach. Strongly recommended.

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