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“Professional yacht fuel bunkering services in Hong Kong”

Fuegy Ltd is an experienced fuel bunkering firm in Hong Kong, which specialises in superyacht fuel and marine diesels. The firm delivers professional, efficient, and cost-effective fuel bunkering solutions.

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Address: Room 201 Wah Yuen Building, 149 Queen's Rd. Central Hong Kong, China

Operating in: China

Tel: +852 91 26 91 24

Fuegy is committed to delivering one of the best fuel bunkering services for superyachts.

Superyacht fuel bunkering in Hong Kong

Fuegy supplies the highest quality Chevron, Shell and SinoPec Euro V diesels, as well as with less than 0.001% Sulphur. It offers:

• Quality controlled bunkering
• Guaranteed accuracy, with sealed, calibrated meters
• Full protection with West Marine fenders and anti-scuff pads
• Fuel polishing & filtration systems on primary pump

Its bunkering services include:

• Kittiwake fuel sampling, destructive seal
• Fuel bunkering DN, documentation and specs
• Highly professional fuelling protocols and procedures
• Trained, certified crews and highly experienced barge captain
• Commercial mooring at Aberdeen
• Invoicing and credit lines, and all major credit cards (Including Amex)

Fuegy bunkering smartphone app

Fuegy offers a unique app for its existing and new customers alike; become a member in two minutes, follow the GPS map to the fuel barge and experience the difference straight away. Other features of the app include:

• Payments processed through world-renowned Braintree platform, as used by AirBnB and Uber
• Ability to book in fuelling appointments during the week

Contact Fuegy today, for a fast, reliable, professional fuel bunkering service.

Reliable and very professional

, Captain of 41m to 50m Lohengrin - 13/12/2016-08:14
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As the main engines and generators represent a large part of the overall value of any super yacht and costly breakdowns are mostly caused by contaminated fuel there can be no reason to settle for anything less than the best bunker fuel available.
In Fuegy we found a reliable and very professional vendor of high quality bunker fuel. Fuegy applies quality service standards far superior than any other supplier in the market. Their service comes highly recommended!

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, Captain of 60m+ Diamonds are Forever - 18/10/2016-09:42
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An excellent service, very professional with their pre-inspection of equipment and delivery of product. Highly recommended!

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Personal and Professional

, Captain of 20m to 30m S/Y Almitra - 27/09/2016-03:39
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Fuegy is a highly professional and accommodating service. As a yachtsman, my utmost concern is safety, and when issues arise on the ocean you need to be able to rely on your engine to run smoothly and start on cue. With Fuegy I can have the peace of mind that the fuel will be clean, free from contaminates and will guarantee a longer engine life free from breakdowns and costly services. Not only is the fuel of the highest quality but as is the service. On my first fuel up with my new yacht, the Fuegy local team were kind enough to come on board and talk me through my engine tank set up. Personal and professional - thank you! Edward Larmour, Captain SY Almitra.

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Highly Recomended

, Chief Engineer of 60m+ Diamonds Are Forever - 20/09/2016-02:13
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Overall had a great experience fuelling with Fuegy. Hamish communicated very well with our yacht pre-bunkering, to ensure the whole process would be carried out as smoothly as possible. Highly recommended.

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Fuegy Testimonial

, Nil of 20m to 30m Moonblue II - 14/09/2016-03:38
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Fuel is HUGELY important for us all running boats.
Not only is it a convenience insofar as good fuel reduces risks of engine failures, and expensive maintenance but also is an issue of safety.
When you are sea and the engine stops because of dirt or water contaminated fuel, lives may be put at risk. I am afraid, most people in the industry don’t think about that. Over the years we have had so much trouble with dirty, contaminated diesel in Hong Kong, not to mention being short changed on quantities by certain suppliers.
So we are delighted to now be able to secure reliable, honest fuel supplies from a trusted source in Fuegy. Their vessel at Aberdeen is state of the art, with fuel properly treated and full measures guaranteed. Thanks for making this service available to us boaties – at last!

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, Yachting Manager of 20m to 30m Hong Kong Yachting - 12/09/2016-09:08
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Fuegy took the stress out of fuelling. In tailoring a plan for each of our yachts upon arrival there was never any hassle with safety, cleanliness and delivery. Having experience in boating over Europe, Asia and New Zealand, Fuegy is approaching bunkering with a new standard. Highly recommended.

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The Best in Hong Kong

, Captain of 51m to 60m M/Y Mingfa - 18/08/2016-05:49
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We were extremely happy and satisfied with the service given to us by Fuegy. All bunkering procedures were done in a very professional manner. I highly recommend Fuegy as your go-to fuel supplier. Great staff!!

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Fuegy Testimonial

, Captain of 31m to 40m S/Y Ganges - 18/08/2016-03:24
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We were introduced to Fuegy 6 months ago and have been very happy with their service. The staff are friendly, professional and are accommodating to your needs. Don’t worry superyachts the barge is covered in shiny new fenders and it’s straightforward to moor up alongside. They’re competitively priced and most importantly it’s the cleanest fuel that I’ve seen in this part of the world.

As long as we are based here we will be using Fuegy.

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APSA Quality Member Fuegy

, Chairman Asia Pacific Superyacht Association (APSA) - 17/08/2016-08:14
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At APSA we place a great importance on the quality of service our members
provide, striving to ensure that the APSA logo is also a mark of quality
that can be trusted. As Chairman of the Association I have received nothing
but praise from Captains over the quality of fuel and levels of service
provided by the Fuegy team and this firm is one that others should look up
to when considering how to look after clients

Colin Dawson
Asia Pacific Superyacht Association.

From the Captain of Mingfa

..they did the fuel bunkering for us. I highly recommend them to other
yachts looking to bunker. Thanks for introducing them to us.

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Fuegy Fuelling

, After Sales Director Princess Yachts Greater China - 17/08/2016-03:48
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As a high quality yacht dealership we understand the importance of clean fuel to ensure no damage is caused to very expensive engines. We have inspected Fuegy equipment and operations and have found them to be the best we have seen in Hong Kong. No other fuel supplier will filter fuel as it is being delivered to the yacht and this shows that Fuegy are prioritising quality. Also the speed of their system and flexibility of operations for when ourselves or our customers require fuel takes the stress of fuelling away, and it is always a pleasure to deal with Al and Hamish. It is also piece of mind that all accounts are open book and there is no possibility of hidden transactions.

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Fuegy Bunkering

, Captain of 60m+ Event - 17/08/2016-03:23
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At all times I found Fuegy to be professional and exceptionally dedicated to customer service.  With new equipment coming online I can be guaranteed the best quality fuel available on the local market. I would not hesitate in recommending Al, Hamish and the Fuegy team.

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