Helios Lubeoil KG

“Superyacht lubricant supplier and analysis”

Helios Lubeoil offers superyacht bunker services, all grades of lubricants, fuels and oil analysis. It supplies and delivers lubricants worldwide on the request of owners, yacht management companies and shipyards and is able to deliver directly.

Contact Helios Lubeoil KG

Address: Louis-Krages-Strasse 32 Bremen, Germany 28237

Operating: Worldwide

Tel: +49 (0)4 21 22 33 68 1

Mob: +49 (0)1 73 23 19 18 0

On time grades and environmental approved lubricants will save yacht resources and reduce its carbon footprint. Fuel consumption will be reduced by up to 3% and diesel particle filters (DPF) will last up to three times longer, again saving time and money on reduced maintenance.

Helios Lubeoil services include

• Lubeoil survey
• Lubricant consulting
• Lubricant supply bunkering
• VGP compliant lubricant distribution
• Global yacht lubricant fleet management (spare parts)
• HLAS helios lubricant analysis system for industry, marine, yacht and vessels
• HLAS oil condition monitoring
• Hydraulic analysis
• Fuel analysis, bacteria testing, micro-biological
• Fuel EN 590 spec test
• Jet a1 test includes doctor and freeze point test due to DIN
• Dedicated company test suites
• Private lubricant services

HLAS lube oil services

Lubeoil Surveys, machinery lists, maintenance analysis with Shell RLA by Helios Lubeoil services:

• Establish qualified OEM lubricant surveys
• Lubricant consulting
• Lubeoil supply distributions
• HLAS oil monitoring
• Pure fluid® by helios

Yacht Lubricant supply and delivery

Helios Lubeoil can supply and deliver lubricants almost worldwide and meet client’s tight schedules on the request of owners, yacht management companies and shipyards. Delivery can also be made directly on yachts and vessels. Shell, Mobil, Helios and other brands can be delivered in pail, drum, container and pumped ex RTW.

Yacht fuel bunkering

Helios Lubeoil delivers and supplies gasoil MGO, diesel AGO EN 590 - ULSD, Jet A1 and petrol in different qualities, places and different tax exemption, duty free VAT and-or energy tax free. It offers special pricing for large orders on request.