Nooranma Travel Co.

“Comprehensive agency services for superyachts visiting the Maldives”


Nooranma Travel Company is a leading ship and yacht agent in the Maldives, supporting visiting superyachts, cruise liners and navy ships from around the world in cruising clearances, formalities, permits and shoreside support while in the region.

Main contact

Address: H. Nooranmage Aage, Roshanee Magu Male, Maldives 20-05

Tel: +960 77 77 31 2

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Nooranma Travel Company Maldives (NTCM) was established in 1994 to provide comprehensive yacht agency services to superyachts visiting the port of Malé and the Maldives islands.

Providing comprehensive services to visiting vessels, NTCM assists in clearances and formalities in the region, as well as permits and shoreside support services.

Yacht agency services

NTCM’s services include:

• Yacht clearances and formalities
• Cruising permits
• Duty-free fuel bunkering, oils and lubricants
• Provisioning
• Trips, excursions and itinerary planning
• Shipping and courier services
• Transport and charter arrangements
• Rentals and reservations
• Yacht management and consultancy
• Technical support

Yacht fuel bunkering in Maldives

Nooranma is able to assist in yacht fuel bunkering around the clock, with expert advice.

NTCM specialises in supplying marine gas oil marine gas oil DMA (GMO) gas oil bunker with 0.2% sulphur content, gasoline and jet fuel. Duty-free fuel is available for foreign-going vessels calling at Maldives ports.

The agency is also able to provide a range of marine lubricants from brands such as Castrol, Exxonmobile and Shell. All fuel, oils and lubricants meet or exceed industry quality specifications.

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