RUBiS Caribbean

“Quality marine fuels and bunkering services for luxury yachts”


RUBiS Caribbean is a leading distributor of marine fuels and lubricants, distributing petroleum, diesels, LPG and fuel oils year-round to superyachts throughout the Caribbean for trouble-free marine fuel bunkering.

Main contact

Address: Int'l Trading Centre 4th Floor, Warrens St Michael, Barbados

Operating throughout: Caribbean

Tel: +1 246 417 6300

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RUBiS Caribbean provides an all-inclusive package of high quality marine fuels, oils and lubricants from modernised service stations throughout the region.

RUBiS Caribbean is part of RUBiS Energy; a French publicly traded company that was founded in 1990. Growing through the acquisition of tank terminals and fuel distribution companies across the globe, operations first began in the Caribbean in 2005 and are now present in 15 countries, trading in 12 English and three French-speaking markets.

RUBiS Caribbean yacht fuel bunkering locations

RUBiS operates fuel bunkering services at locations across the Caribbean, with stations in the West Indies, Cayman Islands and South America. Locations include:

• Antigua
• Bahamas
• Bermuda
• Cayman Islands
• Dominica
• Grenada
• Guyana
• Jamaica
• St Lucia
• St Vincent
• Turks and Caicos

RUBiS marine fuel products

Catering to a large number of luxury yachts and superyachts, the RUBiS product line of marine fuels includes:

• Gasoline
• Diesel
• Low sulphur diesel
• Ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD)
• Fuel oils
• Lubricants

The RUBiS portfolio also includes LPG, retail, commercial and aviation fuels, refined products, lubricants, bitumen and chemicals. Duty-free ultra low sulphur diesel is available in Bermuda.

Products vary across regions, so contact RUBiS Caribbean for more information, pricing, specifications and availability.

Hours of work

Office hours: 07:30am – 04:30pm.

Additional Information

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