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Marco Scibilia is an established yacht designer in Monaco, specialising in the interior design of superyachts, luxury apartments, hotels and villas around the world, and providing full project management services.

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Address: 44 Bd. d'Italie, Ch‰teau d'Azur Monaco, France / Monaco 98000

Tel: +33 (0)6 11 52 29 42

Mob: +33 (0)6 11 52 29 42

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Professional, considered, elegant design makes a superyacht feel extra special – as it should do for the owner and guests.

Having a single business take care of all design aspects of a superyacht interior project ensures uniformity and cohesion throughout, reducing the chance of project delays.

Marco Scibilia in Monaco is able to provide that exact benefit, as well as much more.

Yacht interior design in Monaco

Projects by Marco Scibilia interior design studio are the result of balanced research into technology, materials, style, and the coming-together of fashion and contemporary art.

The studio works closely with naval architects and external designers and suppliers in order to give life to their projects and ensure charming creations.

Customer requests are actioned with high-level professional assistance.

Superyacht renders and 3D modelling

When many people are involved in a project, it’s important that everyone is working from the same page.

That begins with a detailed, fully-rendered 3D model of the project, that can be viewed, accessed, and manipulated with nothing but a web browser, from anywhere in the world, allowing owners and representatives to view interactive models of the project at vital stages throughout the project.

Superyacht project management in Monaco

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience, Marco Scibilia can help clients plan their projects from the beginning, with joint development between its expert design team and the client themselves ensuring optimum results.

Projects are developed with the client by following the steps required for the first phase, meeting with the client to work through the design phase and decide on the choice of volumes, colours and materials to produce accurate estimates.

Marco Scibilia then produces a rendered, interactive three-dimensional video of the end result so that expectations are clearly aligned before work begins on the project.

Yacht exterior design in Monaco

The no-compromise design ethos at Marco Scibilia also lends itself to creating incredible exterior spaces for yachts; from exterior deck refits through to new concept designs.

Contact Marco Scibilia today for complete interior design services for your latest superyacht project.

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