Altea Italia S.r.l.

“Sothys, the best gift that you can give to your skin”


Altea Italia is a leading luxury hair and beauty product supplier based in Italy. With 25 years of experience, they provide yachts, superyachts and villas with Sothys beauty products, from luxury sun care to anti-aging and moisturising creams.

Main contact

Address: Via Carignano 105, Rivalta di Torino Torino, Italy 10040

Tel: +39 01 19 04 08 81 

Mob: +39 39 23 17 32 78

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Founded in 1990, Altea Italia market and distribute beauty products by the prestigious international French brand, Sothys.

Sothys is a legendary name that represents excellence and prestige in beauty institutes, spas, hotels and on board luxury boats all over the world.

A highly specialised brand, Sothys has always stood out with its extraordinary commitment to research and innovation. It claims its place as an avant-garde beauty supplier, with a loyal following of men and women.

The company is based in France and Altea Italia is the Italian branch, the only one allowed to deliver products for yachts all over the world. Their shipping time is scheduled within 24 hours from receipt of order.

Hair and beauty products

Altea Italia is able to provide a full range of beauty products for both men and women. Their range of beauty products and toiletries for yachts, villas and hotels often exceeds the most discerning of luxury clients’ expectations. Products include:

• Facial treatments
• Body treatments
• Sun care
• Make-up
• Products for men

Responding to all skin problems in a targeted way, offering complete sophisticated programmes and new concepts for effectiveness and well-being, Sothys products always combine sensoriality and pleasure, through finely developed fragrances and textures.

Face care

Face care products include luxurious cleansers, moisturisers and prestige anti-aging products, all of which are tailored to your skin type.

Body care

Escape treatments, an ode to wellbeing, relaxation and beauty of the body.
Exceptional treatments inspired from the Orient and Japan, Escape treatments invite you on a journey with the fragrances from far-away lands..

Sun exposure

Sothys has designed a new solar array selection to protect the skin and strengthen its natural defence system against sunlight, helping to prevent premature skin aging.

With ultra-sensory textures, floral fragrances and vanilla, the six new products in the range combine pleasure and protection from the sun to give you the best colour while moisturising and protecting.


Since a quality foundation is the base for all of your make-up, it remains the focus of Sothys. Through their new range, Sothys offers a full range of colours that are true to your skin colour, perfectly fitting any type of complexion.

Male beauty products

Altea Italia offers a line of high technology products that are designed for the specific needs of male skin.

Hours of work

Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

For urgent requests, call +39 39 23 17 32 78.

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