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Baleair has been providing yachts and superyachts in and around Palma de Mallorca with top-quality marine refrigeration and air conditioning services for 10 years.

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Address: C/ Gran Via Asima 14 125 Bajos, Pol Son Castello Palma De Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain 07009

Operating in: Spain

Tel: +34 971 28 34 66

Mob: +34 679 51 81 31

Baleair boasts a bounty of experience in the marine refrigeration, air conditioning and yacht engineering sectors. The small, friendly team at Baleair work closely to ensure seamless service for all customers, whether it’s fixing a minor fault on a freezer, replacing gas in the air conditioning units or fitting a complete overhaul of the on-board systems.

Baleair is able to undertake all jobs relating to marine refrigeration or superyacht air conditioning, completing everything – from the smallest refit jobs to the biggest, most complex installation projects – with the same degree of excellent proficiency and professionalism.As well as a workshop and office in Son Castello, the team can provide outcalls to any vessel in the area and undertake repairs on board if required.

Marine refrigeration and air conditioning experts

The team at Baleair can provide a huge range of services, including:

• Service and maintenance of existing equipment
• Repair of faulty equipment
• Replacement and upgrade of parts
• Bespoke design for new installations
• Problem solving for long standing issues
• Technical support by telephone
• Replacement and repair of marine air conditioning and refrigeration systems
• Design and installation of custom built refrigeration and air conditioning systems
• Direct expansion systems
• Self-contained systems
• Bespoke chiller control systems
• Chilled water systems

Baleair’s engineers and office staff are a mixture of Spanish and English speakers. They can easily be contacted via email, telephone and even WhatsApp.

To discuss your next marine refrigeration or air conditioning project, contact Baleair today.

Organised and smooth

, Project Manager of 20m to 30m Matilda Sound - 10/09/2018-15:48
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Having works done by Baleair has been an organised and smooth experience. The work happened on time, and on the quoted budget. Would not hesitate to use your services again. Thanks

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Absolutely recommended

, Captain of 20m to 30m Alamea - 10/09/2018-15:46
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Tania and Mark were a pleasure to work with. Both went out of their way to help and they ran their respective departments very well. Without hesitation, I would absolutely recommend Baleair for any relevant work in Mallorca and abroad.

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Great work

, Captain of 31m to 40m Andes - 10/09/2018-15:45
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I would like to thank Baleair for their outstanding service - Mark was able to assist with his expertise over the phone when we were at sea and needed assistance, and once we arrived in Palma the work and support was second to none. Quick with parts required and staff to fit and solve the issues. Great work keep it up.

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Quick and efficient

, Captain of 20m to 30m Gemini - 10/09/2018-15:44
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I have used Baleair for all my air conditioning and refrigeration servicing and maintenance for a number of years and have always been delighted with their immediate response in a crisis. The team are efficient in their diagnosis of any problem and quick to resolve, getting us back up to speed with the minimum of fuss during our, always busy summer seasons in the Balearic Islands.

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Fixed when no one else could

, Manager Fairline North Mallorca - 10/09/2018-15:22
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Thank you so much for you quick response and professionalism to our call for help. The service was great, really instilled confidence with the client on his aircon failure. Mark turned the client's attitude round and fixed the system when no one else could... a big thank you from Fairline North Mallorca.

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Highly recommended

, Captain of 31m to 40m Black Sails - 10/09/2018-15:20
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My relationship with Baleair goes back many years. Their work ethic, and commitment to job completion on time and budget, is what sets them apart. Highly recommended.

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Highly recommended

, Captain of 31m to 40m Camelot - 10/09/2018-15:19
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There is a reason why people recommend Baleair! You have to try them.

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