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Thruster purchase

, Owner of 20m to 30m Bennington - 31/08/2017-09:10
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I paid over $5500 for front and rear thrusters from Sideshift, and have had no end of problems with them. First of all, the salesman never told me that I had to install a second battery to run the thrusters, so the mechanic installed them without. He called the company before installation and was also never told there had to be a second battery. After countless problems and several hours spent trying to figure out the problem, the mechanic phoned Sideshift again and was then told there had to be a second battery. Then I had to spend another $600 for a second battery to be installed. The owner of Sideshift is very rude and does not care at all that his salesman did not tell us that we needed a second battery. He just pointed out a statement on a page in the manual that says you need a second battery. The manual was given to me AFTER I made the purchase, so what help does that do? I think the company has a right to inform people that they need to spend another $600 on top of the $5,500 to get the unit working. Shame on them for misleading the public and shame on the owner for not caring. After installing the second battery, they still do not work properly. I have to constantly turn off the battery and reset the fuses so the thruster will work. And you cannot run both at the same time, which they neglect to tell you, if you do, the power source shuts down and they are inoperable. I highly recommend NOT purchasing this unit, unless you want a ton of headaches.


Rob, CEO - 31/08/2017-20:02

We are sorry that you have been experiencing problems with our thruster system. Our documentation clearly states that a dedicated battery is required for powering all our thruster products. It would appear that your installer did not originally follow our recommended advice. Both the bow and stern thruster should be able to operate simultaneously. A problem here would indicate insufficiently charged thruster batteries. Ensure that batteries are fully charged and load tested for best performance, and don't hesitate to have your installer contact us for further advice.