“Dedicated boat and yacht designer in Bologna, Italy”


CENTROSTILEDESIGN is a structured company that boasts a customer base of primary importance that includes great names of the shipbuilding industry. CENTROSTILEDESIGN is able to execute unique and innovative projects starting from concept design.

Main contact

Address: Via Selice 2/A - Mordano Bologna, Italy

Tel: +39 05 42 64 35 13

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CENTROSTILEDESIGN is a company led by Davide Cipriani and mainly active in the nautical sector, as shown by the long-term collaboration with the largest shipyards on the scene today like Riva and Pershing (Ferretti Group), Monte Carlo Yachts, Perini Navi, Solaris and Wally. Centrostiledesign works on projects for both power and sailing craft. Today it occupies an area sprawling over 4,000 sq. mt. with more than 40 employees able to execute unique and innovative projects starting from concept design and arriving at the finished product.

CENTROSTILEDESIGN is a young but profoundly structured company that bases its primary interest on meeting production requirements by placing its professional competence together with advanced and innovative technologies at the customer's disposal. It focuses on seeking newer and newer solutions oriented toward an excellent quality and with special attention paid scheduling and production costs, today more than ever before decisive elements in achieving competitiveness on the market.

CENTROSTILEDESIGN sets out to make every stage of the design coexist harmoniously, from concept design to engineering, comprising CAM models and moulds, with a team that professionally meets all of the customer's requirements by matching them with philosophy and style. At the same time, it discloses the idea of the final product in advance with virtual prototyping. On the other hand, a distinguishing characteristic of the company is precisely its gaze fixed steadily on the future, which is turned into a continuous search for technological and production innovation, combined with an attention to style that makes Italian style unique in the world.

With CENTROSTILEDESIGN the process starts with the briefing to set the goals to be reached (study of materials, technologies, production costs, market surveys, etc.). The concept and product styling phases are reached via, on the one hand, the graphic representation of the various styling proposals (manually or using CAS - Computer Aided Styling) and, on the other, with feasibility analyses and solving the preliminary design problems with a technical verification drawing that closely examines the critical construction issues. This process lets us pass on to the next potential stage of design with a very high approximation of success since most of the technological and design choices have already been made.