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Address: 49 Greek St. London, United Kingdom W1D 4EG

Tel: +44 (0)20 33 01 62 29

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Highly recommended, personal service

, Owner Brinadian - 17/02/2015-14:53
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I asked Pemberton & Milner for a games compendium for my boat Brinadian, so named after my partner who has joint British-Canadian citizenship. Not only did Lizzie and the team at Pemberton & Milner design a beautifully made, punchy colour co-ordinated set all in electric blue & lime green lizard skin and jet black of leather. They thoughtfully included games of personal meaning and special touches such as an embossed tile holder and message on the score & player book, "To one Brinadian from another, both lots of fun"

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Fabulous job!

, Mallorca Centrepoint - 17/02/2015-14:51
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I am pleased to report that everything is great and the general consensus is “ FABULOUS JOB"!! Thank you !!

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Great service, great product

, Chief steward Va Bene - 17/02/2015-14:50
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We adore our products on Va Bene! They look so great and have made life that little bit easier for us and our guests - thanks once again for your great service.

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