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HF interior, a global superyacht interior refit company, specializes in crafting custom, superyacht interiors with european craftsmanship

Main contact

Address: 26370 Ruether Av. Santa Clarita, CA, California, USA 91350

Tel: +1 661 621 9286

E: send us an email

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It makes no sense

SENSES of 60m+ - 31/10/2015-16:54
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Very unorganised company, can't believe the owners of the yacht let them work on it. They don't pay their subcontractors.

Never paid me

, Painter of 60m+ Senses - 10/08/2015-08:44
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Worked 10 days never received pay. Was poisoned on job then fired. Labour board awarded judgement against H.F. In February 2015 they still never paid.