Marine Electronics Croatia - Brodska Elektronika d.o.o.


MEC is specialized in satellite communication and entertainment solutions for the luxury yachts. VSAT, TVRO, SatCom, Inmarsat, 3G, 4G, WiFi, VoIP...

Main contact

Address: Slavka Nikolica 49 Krk, Croatia 51500

Tel: +385 (0)5 18 80 27 2

E: send us an email

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Always a pleasure

, Director Cobham Satcom (Sea Tel) - 08/01/2014-11:36
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I have known Darko for a number of years during which time we have collaborated on a number of projects. It is always a pleasure to work with Darko.

Great communication

, Captain M/Y Lady Ship - 08/01/2014-11:33
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Darko Polonijo from MEC is a very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with individual with whom I had a very good working relationship. I highly recommend him and his company for electronic equipment service, sales and installation and would use his services again.


, Captain M/Y Bacchus Alla - 08/01/2014-11:32
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Darko from MEC is a very professional person. He has been giving me a good advice for installation of our new TV and sound system on board. He is quick and very precise with his job. Darko changed the yacht into a "Better World". The owner of the boat is happy with the new TV and sound system and now he spent more time inside the boat than outside. Darko thank you for a great job. All Best!

A privilege to work with

, Chief Engineer M/Y Northlander - 08/01/2014-11:31
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I’ve only recently had the privilege of working with Mr. Darko from MEC. He is a great person with deep knowledge in Satelite communication, very professional approach and always there for you. He will always respond to your questions and will always give advice and help to get to the bottom of the problem. I am glad to know him and I can always rely on his assistance!


, Captain M/Y Maro - 08/01/2014-11:30
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I can highly recommend Mr. Darko from MEC due to the work he did on M/Y "Maro", where I am the Captain, and will call him to work again.

Thank you!

, Captain M/Y Hataty - 08/01/2014-11:29
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Darko Polonijo from MEC is the best Seatel technician i have hired in my work as a yacht captain , in repairing, and follow up. Thank you Darko!