Currencies Direct

If you're looking for a fast, easy way to transfer money overseas, without the hassle and cost of dealing with your bank, then use Currencies Direct. They have many features, which will benefit superyacht crew.

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Address: Ophira 1, Pl. Joseph Bermond Sophia Antipolis, France / Monaco 06560

Tel: +33 (0)4 22 32 62 40

Currencies Direct offers a fast and simple way to send money overseas or home. Currencies Direct’s online money transfer service is designed to cut out the hassle and give superyacht crew the best value for money on their currency transfer.

International money transfer services for yacht crew

When transferring money abroad, banks will often charge transfer fees and offer poor exchange rates. Currencies Direct exchanges money from one currency to another quickly and easily, and won’t charge transfer fees, making it ideal for yacht crew members and offshore workers.

Transfer money abroad

Currencies Direct online service offers some great benefits for yacht crew and marine professionals working abroad, including:

• Money transfer services available 24/7
• Competitive exchange rates
• No transfer fees... ever
• 100% secure service
• Live exchange rates
• Ability to manage payees/recipients
• Buy currency now and send it later
• Send money to more than one payee at a time

Visit Currencies Direct online today to transfer your money abroad.