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"Expert yacht security consultants & ship security officer suppliers"


Scope Maritime Solutions is a specialist anti-piracy and maritime security operator. Their maritime and yacht security services go above and beyond the industry standards with services including security management and close protection officers.

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Address: 1717 K St. N.W Suite 900, Washington D.C., Washington D.C., USA 20006

Tel: +1 202 787 5752

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Scope Maritime Solutions was established in October 2015 to satisfy the increased demand for yacht security consulting, the training of ship security officers, and yacht security system development into the global maritime community.

Yacht security services

They provide security services and support to yacht management companies, individuals and luxury yachts around the globe. Scope Maritime Solutions offers its clients a full range of maritime security and anti-piracy services including;

• Armed or unarmed ship security officers (SSOs)
• Risk management
• Security management
• Close protection officers

Yacht security consulting

Scope Maritime Solutions provides invaluable assistance and support to the yachting and maritime security industry. They provide security measures for all situations, including threat and vulnerability assessments for luxury yachts and superyachts.

Ship security officer training

Their employees are ‘subject matter experts’ in all areas of maritime security and training, including advanced firearms and tactics. They employ ship security officers with real world experience in anti-piracy and combat operations worldwide.

In addition, Scope Maritime Solutions uses the latest techniques available today in training ship security officers.

Yacht security systems

Scope Maritime Solutions have joined forces with other leading marine companies to offer a new level of security that vastly upgrades existing security capabilities by integrating existing systems with high definition radar, marine drones suitable for use at sea, highly trained security professionals, and vessel or port facility existing systems.

Security drone

Scope Maritime's drone solutions provide the user/pilot the ability to do perimeter video monitoring via a professional grade customised drone. The drone is waterproof and is customised with a gimbal mounted camera system that utilises augmented reality glasses as well as a flight controller. This customised system transmits video back to the pilot for real time use. Video data can also be downloaded from the drone’s camera card and then shared across the web utilising the ship network/cloud service or via client provided network Internet connection.

The drone flies in rain or snow conditions and can be used in both river and sea as it is built for the water. One can land, take off, manoeuvre on the surface and film under water (from the surface) with this system. The drone hardware has been utilised by Discovery Channel, Disney, Greenpeace, BBC Earth and many other key clients worldwide for various applications.

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