Leader Security


Leader Security provides maritime security services to the yachting industry through a team of experienced close-protection operatives. Based in Naples, they offer discreet personal protection services, meeting the demands of yacht owner’s and VIPs.

Main contact

Address: Via Conte Mirabelli 150 Naples, Italy 80012

Tel: +39 39 38 74 10 88

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Maritime security Italy

Private yachts can be a target of criminal activity; Leader Security's concern is therefore to keep yacht owner’s and crew aware of the latest threats affecting their itinerary decisions.

From passage plan preparation, on-board vessel security and watch shifts, to close protection services and incident response actions, Leader Security develops and implements a full-scale operational plan.

Luxury yacht security Naples

Leader Security prides itself in delivering the highest quality service, with an emphasis on client satisfaction. They are conscious that security is an important element of yacht operations, however integration must be seamless and without disruption to normal on board practices.

Their objective is therefore to mitigate risks and threats with visible common sense and practical solutions, with a focus on ‘minimal impact’ to the vessel implementing a discreet code of conduct where and when required.

Contact Leader Security for 24/7 yacht protection and close protection services.