Throughout the entire Côte d’Azur, Blue Tree Massage offers personalised massage therapy services, performed on your yacht.

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Well done and a big thank you!

, Antibes - 18/08/2015-14:53
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I have barely finished my program of 10 anti-stress massages with Blue Tree Massages and I want to give testimony. Needing support for the fight against my professional stress, I appealed to Blue Tree Massage, who created a program of 10 massages to greatly reduce stress. They did it! The program not only allowed me to completely relax, but also allowed me to discover different massage techniques that they used to meet my goal. Furthermore, along with daily relaxation tips and auto massage, being stress-free allowed me to increase the immediate benefit of massage to retain earnings between each session.

The utmost care and professionalism

, Mougins - 18/08/2015-14:49
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Again many thanks for the timeless moment of this massage, done with the utmost care and professionalism.

Thank you Roel

, St Paul de Vence - 18/08/2015-14:48
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Roel provided me with several massages and it has made me feel much better. I'm working hard and it's very tiring, so I am really looking for calm and relaxation during my massages. Many times I even fall asleep. I am totally confident with Roel and I can highly recommend it.

Thank you again

, Monaco - 18/08/2015-14:46
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As their slogan suggests, I actually received an exceptional massage by Joel at Blue Tree Massage. On the advice of a friend, I appealed to him for a relaxing massage and he was able to offer me the massage as well as the right atmosphere to achieve this goal. In my first session, I had a one hour massage. As I decided to use their service regularly, the next one will be 1 hour 30!

A birthday treat

, . - 18/08/2015-14:45
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It was a great pleasure and a treat for the senses to celebrate my 40th anniversary on the theme of well-being, conviviality and relaxation with Joel and Roel. My friends and I were able to enjoy massages in a unique way while celebrating a milestone of life. Their presence, their professionalism and their knowledges of the world of wellness has opened the doors to a magical world where our worries have been evaporated and our tensions have disappeared. I will be pleased to organise again. My friends, delighted, have already asked me to do it again.

I recommend them without hesitation

, Paris - 18/08/2015-14:41
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I discovered Blue Tree through friends who, like me, have a second home on the French Riviera. Regularly practising various sports activities (tennis, jogging, etc....) I am massaged regularly in Paris to help me with muscle relaxation. Until I met Roel and Joel, I did not have a massage solution during my stays in the South. From now on I am getting a massages from Roel or Joel, who both perfectly managed the depth and massage techniques that bring me true relaxation between sport activities.

Zen atmosphere

, . - 18/08/2015-14:37
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In Nice, where I sang at the opera, I was looking for a relaxing massage because I am often travelling and subjected to time differences. I stumbled upon the contact details of Blue Tree Massage, the team were very welcoming and showed a great professionalism in general. I recognised very quickly the hands that will relax myself. I spent a restful time in a beautiful Zen atmosphere, this is what I needed.

Peace in our world of stress

, Cannes - 18/08/2015-14:35
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I regularly receive massages from Joel or Roel (once a month) to relax and relieve my tensions. I really appreciate the quality of their touch, their constant attention to wellness and professionalism. I recommend their massages created with implementation and study of the body (which I leave invigorated and relaxed) for those seeking relaxation and peace in our world of stress.

A real treat

, . - 18/08/2015-14:33
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I allow myself a relaxation massage every two or three weeks, it’s for me, a real priority lifestyle. Thanks to Blue Tree, I discovered the pleasure of a massage at home, that allows me to enjoy the relaxation massage without having to get dressed and take my car. Roel and Joel are charming, discreet and very attentive, their ritual is very neat (none of the spa amenities lacking: music, fluffy towels, incense refined, divine massage oils). I feel really confident with them and the massage is very accurate.

Professional service

, Cannes - 18/08/2015-14:21
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Thanks very much. Really good massage and very professional service. Love the 'spa ambience'!

The best massage

, . - 18/08/2015-14:20
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I recommend Joel from Blue tree. He comes every week to my house and is a very nice person who he gives the best massage.

A real luxury treatment

, Sweden - 18/08/2015-14:19
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I love the high level of service and attention in each detail. I needed a strong back massage. After my muscles where less tense and I slept like a baby. I felt so good. For sure the next time I'm back I will book again.

I recommend Roel to anyone for a great massage

, Den Haag - 18/08/2015-14:18
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For years my husband and I go on holiday to Antibes . I came into contact with Roel through a friend and after the first five minutes I felt totally relaxed and in good hands. Roel is a true professional and very attentive. This month he has been five times and each time it was just perfect.

A true professional.

, Villefranche - 18/08/2015-14:16
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Roel is amazing. Each session is very relaxed, comfortable, and enjoyable. He asks about any daily pains or strains, and incorporates this into his massage. I could not imagine going through my 500km of marathon training without him.

Strong hands

, . - 18/08/2015-14:15
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Roel has nice strong hands that power, yet also convey tenderness . The foot massage was very nice and made for total relaxation. I can imagine that such a massage can help healing, but since I had no physical problems at that time, I can not judge it further. I recommend it to everyone to come to relax in this way.

I feel the benefit after each treatment

, London - 18/08/2015-14:12
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I just wanted to thank you for the amazing deep tissue massages you give me each time I visit Nice. I really do feel the benefit after each treatment. With all the running that I do you seem to be able to find my problem areas (and old injuries!) and make me feel relaxed and revived. You are so very accommodating when booking appointments as I am sometimes only over from England for just a few days at a time. Thank you again and see you soon in 2015!

One of the best I ever tried

, Hong Kong - 18/08/2015-14:11
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I have travelled a few times from Hong Kong to St Paul de Vence for holidays. It's not easy to deal with the jet lag and all the back pain you get from a long haul flight. My local friend recommended me to try Blue Tree. I booked a session to recuperate. The technique of the massager, Roel, is one of the best I ever tried. What amazed me is that you could really feel energy was transmitting to your body through his big hands. I got totally refreshed and slept like a baby that night. I highly recommend Blue Tree to all travellers!

A quick phone call, then pure relaxation

, . - 18/08/2015-14:10
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After a tiring day at the fair in Cannes, constantly approached and service oriented, I longed for relaxation . Luckily I have found on the internet, Roel van Kuik . The Californian massage was pure relaxation. Especially after a day at the fair, where I had to constantly speak a different language, it was important for me to come across a person who is proficient in German . A common language creates confidence quickly. With the big and warm hands of Roel I was carefree and relaxed, the Californian massage was a real treat, .

I was impressed

, Nijmegen - 18/08/2015-14:06
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The massage I received was extremely professional. Performed with care and attention. Experience it for yourself. I highly recommend Bluetree.

Grateful to find someone close to the hotel

, London - 18/08/2015-14:06
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I recently stayed for a short holiday in Saint Paul de Vence. I came to get away from work for a few days and booked Joel for a few relaxation massages which were wonderful. I felt comfortable and relaxed and was grateful to find someone close to the hotel who was able to come to me which offered me ultimate relaxation and discretion.

Highly recommended

, Nice - 18/08/2015-14:05
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Both Roel and Joel are very professional and truly exceptional. While living and working full-time in Nice, they have been very flexible in accommodating my sometimes hectic work schedule. While training for the 2014 Nice marathon, they have been helpful in relieving my muscular tension. I consider Roel and Joel's massages a regular part of my training schedule.

The incense and oils they use are divine

, Nice - 18/08/2015-14:04
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I have used Blue Tree massages and have found the experience each time to be very beneficial, professional, and exactly what I needed. I am a yoga teacher, and often need a massage for my muscles. Roel and Joel are the perfect team; I have always felt comfortable and safe on their table, and leave with a calm, relaxed smile on my face.

A mother of three

, France Valbonne - 18/08/2015-14:00
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As a working mother of three, an hour massage is a like a mini vacation. Roel is a natural at the art of massage and he knows just the right 'treatment' to sooth this mum's tired mind and body. I feel rejuvenated and ready to be present for my family. I thank Roel for the attention he gives to me as a client and letting me feel like a real princess even if only for an hour.

I have had many massages in my life and Roel is definitely up there with the best.

, London - 18/08/2015-13:59
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Roel quickly knows how to tune into your needs and make you feel instantly comfortable and at ease under his care. He has magical hands that glide across your body and balance pressure with relaxation. I lead such a chaotic life and time is very precious when we are on holiday so being able to relax and enjoy time away from everyday life is priceless. I had several massages during our stay in Monaco and Roel came to the hotel for my massages which was the ultimate holiday treat! Roel's treatments come with my highest recommendation.