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Remarkable place

, Customer Services Manager Allegro Microsystems - 10/02/2014-12:21
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My cavities were getting the size of a stadium when I finally decided to visit a dentist. The first place I went to, told me that I need to get my tooth extracted. I got so freaked that I thought I’d rather let my cavities be. My wife dragged me to Gurz Dental one day despite me nagging like a child. Now, I love my wife more after her decision to take me there! I got such awesome treatment for my cavities that now I feel they were even there in the first place!

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Best Dentist

, Marketing Executive of 20m to 30m Debra Tyler - 06/02/2014-08:02
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For a year I was in misery because of a root canal-gone-wrong situation. Every morning I would wake up with swollen gums and my tooth throbbing in pain. After my regular dentist did such a disappointing job, I visited many ‘popular’ dentists around my area but no one was as able to give a permanent relief to my pain. A friend of mine from the Diamond Bar area suggested Gurz dental to me, in fact she insisted. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting any good results…. but man I was so wrong! Not only were the doctors super professional, they were caring and showed genuine concern about my problem. It has been three months since I visited Gurz dental and I haven’t had woken up with a throbbing tooth since. Kudos to Dr. Gurz and her amazing team of professionals!

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Experience About Gurz Dental

LiveAdmins - 20/11/2013-08:16
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Gurz Dental is facilitating dental patients with high profile machinery. People are frequently arranging appointments over there because of the good service provided by dentists. I would like to recommend all dental patients to visit this place for a better cure.

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