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SOS Group of companies supplies remote medical diagnostic, treatment and training solutions. They are also experts in real-time patient monitoring, portable hyperbaric chambers, bespoke medical kits and tailored operational and medical training.

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Address: 71-75 Shelton St. Covent Garden London, United Kingdom WC2H 9JQ

Tel: +44 (0)84 52 63 81 55

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SOS Group supplies medical diagnostic, treatment and training solutions suitable for use on superyachts worldwide. They supply medical equipment in over 30 countries including government, military, commercial and leisure industries.

Hyperbaric Chamber/Decompression Chamber – treatment of diving related injuries

Their flagship product, The Hyperlite 1 Portable Hyperbaric Chamber is the world leading portable non-metallic hyperbaric chamber and the only system capable of all 100% oxygen treatments that is approved by the U.S National Standard ASME/PVHO.

The Hyperlite 1 is in service within the luxury yacht sector primarily for treatment of diving related injuries, such as decompression sickness (also known as the bends or caisson disease). The system delivers 100% oxygen inside a single occupancy chamber at pressures up to 2.3 bar, which expels nitrogen from our blood and tissue. The Hyperlite system is capable of full treatment on-scene, or transfer by land, air or sea to a land based medical facility.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment that enhances the body's natural healing process. Aside from diving related injuries, HBOT is used to treat a number of other conditions including carbon monoxide poisoning/smoke inhalation, crush injuries and wound healing. The Hyperlite system can provide essential life-saving capabilities on board any marine vessel including yachts or superyachts.

SOS Group provides both operational and a medical training courses tailored to meet the knowledge and requirements of the crew.

In 2012, John and Jane Selby were presented with an award by the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation (see gallery).

Telemedicine technology/patient monitoring solutions

SOS offers an on-scene patient monitoring system that provides yacht crew with critical vital signs data to effectively manage the condition of a patient without delay.

The Safe Triage System is widely used by medical professionals around the world, including the UK National Health Service (NHS), search and rescue organisations and offshore maritime sector. This triage solution allows data to be transferred by Bluetooth or hard-wire from instruments to a handheld computer console.

An invaluable patient assessment tool prior to authorising treatment, patient data can be transferred to a physician in real-time anywhere in the world for ongoing medical support and remote management.

Intuitive software provides the crew with guidance and vital information for emergency medical assistance. Whether you have limited medical training, you are a qualified paramedic or a licensed physician, Safe Triage software packages are designed to provide the level of detail needed to meet any yachts requirements.

The system also stores important medical data of your crew and/or clients including pre-existing conditions, existing medication, allergies, next of kin and treatment preferences ensuring you have the knowledge you need to deal with a medical emergency.

Medical kits for yacht crew

SOS supply comprehensive medical kits, built by experts in remote field medicine, which ensures the crew also have necessary medicines available to provide effective emergency on-site medical care. They include MCA compliant and DMAC compliant medical kits for first aid, diving as well as offshore medical emergencies and can tailor kits to meet individual specifications.

Medical kits include, but are not limited to: First aid, analgesics, antibiotics, gut/motion sickness medicines, burns, eye / mouth / skin, patient assessment and diagnostics, wound management, dressings/splints, medical equipment, emergency/allergy, IV fluids, airway/oxygen, advanced airway.

Crew training

SOS Medical Group also provide specialist training courses including;

Hyperlite 1 operational training

The purpose of this course is to provide training in the safe operation in the use of the Hyperlite 1 Portable Hyperbaric Chamber. This course is a two/three day course depending on level of experience in hyperbarics and diving medicine and trains crew in the essentials of operation of a Hyperlite 1 System.

Hyperlite medical training course

SOS offers their customers an eight day intensive training course in Hyperlite Medical Technician Training.

A combination of a DMT and Basic Hyperbaric Medicine, this course has been specifically designed to provide medical training that will give an operator invaluable knowledge in hyperbaric medicine and safe practices when dealing with a hyperbaric emergency, with a key focus on diving scenarios.

Hours of work

9am to 6pm Monday to Friday

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Quick response

, Ex-Canadian Navy clearance diver and co-ordinator of Centre de Médecine de Plongée du Québec Centre de Médecine de Plongée du Québec - 14/12/2015-09:27
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We treated a diver this weekend in the Hyperlite (TT6) for 5 hours and everything went as per the planned protocol. The diver was released without any residual symptoms. The quick response to treat the diver was a key factor in the result. Our Doctor was on the phone with the technician and was able to coordinate the treatment from his office here in Lévis Québec.

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Thank you SOS Medical Group

, Hyperbaric Physician - 14/12/2015-09:24
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Sunday was the first time in Canada that we have used a portable hyperbaric chamber in a hospital. The incident followed an uncontrolled ascent from the deep. The Diver received exactly the same treatment as he would have received at the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis Hospital in Quebec (the nearest alternative hyperbaric facility some 300km away). The portable chamber saves us time, whilst also averting the need to take the patient over high ground, which would aggravate the decompression problem further.

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