Le Village

"World class collectors ship models"


Le Village is based in Madagascar and are experts at creating replica models of marine vessels. Each model is made by hand from original plans, in their own workshop and is accompanied by a historical summary engraved on wood.

Main contact

Address: Lot 36 F Ambohibao Antananarivo, Madagascar BP 874

Tel: +261 20 22 45 19 7

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The staff at Le Village is full of talented craftsmen with the highest qualities and skills needed in boat model making. They have the patience and accuracy to produce some of the finest ships and past clients include HSH Prince Albert of Monaco.

Model maker expertise

Le Village is a group of artisans with expertise on model making such as: Curling, fittings, rigging, painting, production of small parts, fittings and much more. They exclusively use precious woods from Madagascar, such as Rosewood, Natto and Masai.

All models are made from original plans, often obtained from the Museum of the Navy and are accompanied by a historical summary engraved on wood. Each model is numbered and made entirely by hand in their workshop.

They have craftsmen that specialise as:

• Sculptors
• Turners
• Inlayers
• Cabinet makers
• Painters
• Cooper Solders
• Embroiderers

Bespoke model service

Le Village carry all of their production in-house to be able to have complete control over quality. This also enables them to create any bespoke request from large superyacht models through to small fishing boats.

Model features

All hulls are fully battened on joints and slats are curved to fire, according to shipwrights’ technique. The bridges are also treated in precious rosewood / ebony wax.

The fittings are made of wood and copper, the sails are dyed with tea and rigging is fully functional.

Every little piece is made at the workshop by craftsmen. Without any subcontracting or plastic, varnish or derived product, each model is packed in a wooden case guarantee and delivered worldwide.

Maritime models available include

• Historic vessels – Such as great explorers and warships
• Famous sailboats - The America's Cup vessels and popular regatta yachts
• Fishing boats - Regional classics
• Bespoke models can be made such as, planes, helicopters, superyachts and buildings


Le Village has three showrooms, where the beautiful ships can be seen first hand.

Additional Information

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