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A winning product

, Captain of 31m to 40m M/Y Heavenly Daze - 27/02/2015-10:36
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The M/Y Heavenly Daze is a commercially registered 32m classic canoe stern Feadship. She is Med based and quite a busy yacht throughout the summer. She has her original Cat D379 engines which are big in volume and bulletproof but unfortunately leave the hull blackened and stained after extended passages.

Traditionally the only way to present the yacht to high charter standards was for 3 crew members to finesse the 5 year old awl grip paint on the hull DAILY. This did open the pores of the paint but usual methods were no longer working. In January 2010 we had Michael from Proguard seal the paint with his original Proguard polymer. We then made a passage from Mallorca to the Genoa charter show where, although the cleaning was easier, we still had staining problems. Michael immediately organised a second application before the show under warranty and further promised us an application at the end of the season of his new liquid ceramic product Zytexx. True to his word, his team cut back the hull again and applied the Zytexx in Mallorca this April 2011.

The paint is probably due for renewal and there are some rust spots under the rub rail that are fully exposed. We went ahead with the application anyway and the gloss on the paint has come up higher than with a new paint application. There are NO visible imperfections in the ceramic. It was applied in water with rollers and tipping. We have spent the past month cruising around 2500nm including a passage from Mallorca to Croatia. All black marks and soot have since wiped off with one swipe of the broom and there is no greying of the paint. Where we applied the Zytexx directly onto exposed rust, the rust resisted any bleeding for 3 weeks and then when bleed runs did finally start, we were able to wipe them off with a cloth. No more phosphates! All in all, I can assure you that Michael is onto a winning product that will make all of our lives much easier. I am looking forward to trying the product on other areas of the yacht and equipment.

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So easy to clean

, Captain S/Y Mirabella V - 27/02/2015-10:29
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I had heard of this new Zytexx product and it interested me greatly as I have smoky diesels due to under loading and our hull was taking a huge toll of soot. Last summer we spent 5 man hours per day just to keep the hull grey as opposed to black. In Jan we repainted the hull topsides just at the exhausts as they were so bad.

In ST Maarten we Zytexx'd half the hull from the mast aft and below the cove line including the waterlines. Now the hull takes just one swipe of a brush dipped in the water to clean it, and no soap at all. So our 5 man hours has reduced to 0.5 to just wipe the hull. As this was so successful we just Zytexx'd the stern transom and now this is very easy to clean also. We have only made one mistake, and that was not Zytexx'ing the whole hull.

I am just amazed at how good this product is. It has saved me so many man hours and also means we can keep the boat cleaner for the owners.

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Nothing but praise

, M/Y Maraya - 27/02/2015-10:27
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Maraya is one of the busiest charter yachts in the world fleet and the nature of this usage loads intense demands on the vessel and its crew. I was not initially convinced that Zytexx would provide the levels of performance and longevity that were claimed. However, now that I have seen the product in operation on sections of our topsides for almost twelve months, I have nothing but praise for its performance. The gloss levels have remained high and the cleaning time required to maintain the topsides has reduced dramatically. Without a doubt the product works and the extension to the paint life can only benefit any yacht and its repainting schedules.

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A mirror like finish

, Captain M/Y RoMa - 27/02/2015-10:26
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I have worked with Michael Pass for over 10 years now. I had Proguardplus applied to boats and cars for various years. I had test patch applied to my previous vessel when Zytexx was in testing for 12 months. It was amazing to see the difference between Zytexx covered area staying pristine white while the rest of the hull was becoming grey and black over time. We had applied Zytexx on M/Y RoMa last year before the season on the waterline and worst areas on the hull. The result was so amazing that we had most of the hull done this spring.

Zytexx makes you look good, gives the mirror like finish on covered surfaces and endless protection. Deck crew loves the product as it makes it so easy to keep the boat clean. Now when we see a boat with grey or black stains on the hull we all think THEY DO NEED ZYTEXX and if you are reading this testimonial it's because you most probably need it too. The owner is very impressed and pleased by the improvement of appearance of paint system after application of Zytexx on the hull and Proguardplus on superstructure. The build project manager has told me that she looks better now than when she left the yard new in 2010. I am proud of the way RoMa looks now and it is all thanks to Proguardplus team lead by Michael.

Thank you guys and see you this winter for some more work.

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Magical properties

, Captain of 31m to 40m M/Y Gforce - 27/02/2015-10:24
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Gforce is one of the 37m series Heesen Yachts, which has a transom door that lowers to water lever and acts both as a launch pad for the tenders and swim platform. Due to the nature of the door's application, it is consistently being affected by the elements and more specifically pollution from the auxiliary engines. In the past, we have had to polish the water line and door after every cruise until this year, when we discovered ProguardPlus's Zytexx! I am still amazed by the products "magical" properties after a full season! We do not even need to use soap and a simple wipe with a brush or glove returns the surface to its original brilliant finish!

I thoroughly recommend this product which, with its relatively simple application technique and effectiveness is definitely worth applying to all yachts with similar transom doors and more! We are now considering extending our use of the products to other parts of the yacht!

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Love the stuff

M/Y Apoise - 27/02/2015-10:22
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We had the product Zytexx put onto the hull sides of the vessel. At that time the hull paint was in such bad shape from continued generator exhaust problems and exposure that the remaining paint was almost non-existent! The Zytexx crew cut back the paint (and embedded exhaust stains) and applied their product!

Hmmmm. Every 2 years or so along comes a new fangled, wiz-bang super product that will do everything. Super polymers - xycrone encrusted polish, etc. Never seems to hold up to their claims. We just finished washing the hull here after a long Atlantic crossing with fresh water and a light boat soap solution to keep the soft brush head clean! It all rinsed right off, we were bright white, crew that knew the boat thought we had it painted! I'm impressed, the mate loves the stuff.

The deckhands think it's great! Tough crowd to impress. SO - finally, something has come along that actually does work! Last time this happened it was that guy with rubber wheels that said he was going to fill them with air of all things!

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Very reasonable durable

, . M/Y Skat - 27/02/2015-10:20
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Michael, Dale and the team at Proguard have performed polishing and ceramic coating of our Alexseal paint on our entire top side, and some part of the superstructure that suffered extensive deterioration from exhaust soot, fender rubs, spills and UV radiation. They managed to successfully polish/cut and re-coat all areas which have extended the immediate need for scheduling repainting.

The Proguard Team is very accommodating of our vessel movements in conjunction with pre planning on the vessels behalf. We found Proguard to submit very reasonable quotes and they perform their tasks in a very timely fashion. We found them very friendly and non-intrusive to the work schedule of the vessel and to date have had great pleasure in working with them and look forward to working with them again in the future.

In terms of the quality of Zytexx, the finish has the same gloss readings as a freshly painted area, is very durable and lasts longer than any other product on the market. Treated surfaces clean extremely well, the use of strong alkaline around the exhaust which causes fading/matting, history by now. Skat has hired an independent paint surveyor from the commercial marine industry to examine the chemistry of the product to ensure that the use of this product will not cause any disadvantage at future paint jobs, deterioration and reaction with polyurethane top coats used in yachting industry. The professional opinion confirmed that Zytexx should not have any negative effect on topcoats used on yachts and treated surfaces will have a neutral property for UV radiation.

To use the system in its entirety is cost effective over a period of time especially compared to expensive re-paints and lengthy yard periods. In other words you should be able to extend the time frame between repainting substantially. It would be best used on new paint as a final coat.

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The coating is doing a fantastic job

, Master M/Y Solemar - 27/02/2015-10:17
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We firstly applied Zytexx to the hull of Solemar with the view to eliminate the exhaust smoke residue produced from the generators and main engines. The application process was quick and effective giving the protection that was needed on top of the paint works.

The deck-team have paid homage to the ceramic coating as the hull paint is protected, wash down is less of an ordeal with an additional benefit of also cutting down on time washing. We have since applied additional ceramic coatings on the bridge deck, bulwark tops and fashion plates to protect against the suns effects and protect against the main engine exhaust emission.

The coating is doing a fantastic job against all the elements so we look forward to applying Zytexx on further areas as and when required. A big thanks to the team at Pro-Guard for the great application of the ceramic protective coating great work!

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Thorough, professional and courteous

, Captain M/Y Vibrant Curiosity - 27/02/2015-10:16
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This is a short review of gratitude for the work and support Proguard have shown Vibrant Curiosity since our first test application of the system exactly two years ago.

At that time the owner was looking at various product options to extend the lifetime of the paint system on board. As a world traveller Vibrant Curiosity has now sailed just shy of 1000.000NM's since launched 5 years ago.

We subsequently trailed three systems, of which Zytexx proved to give by far the best results after the season.

From this initial trial the owner has invested in the Zytexx system, which has now been applied to all the yachts exterior vertical surfaces. The Proguard team that polished and applied the ceramic system have always been thorough, professional and courteous.

In the year since its full application we've been extremely pleased with the high gloss levels. From a maintenance standpoint, its very time efficient to the wash down process, needing minimal effort to keep the yacht in 'as new condition'.

The warrant of two years has proved itself and we'll only need to touch up the wear areas on the yachts hull when required.

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