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King Kong Yacht Services has been providing painting services to yachts and superyachts in St Paul’s, Antigua for over 30 years. Well established, they are able to provide high quality painting and varnishing to vessels of all sizes.

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Address: Horsford Hill St Paul's, Antigua and Barbuda 942

Tel: +1 268 770 8235

Over the past 30 years, King Kong Yacht Services has become increasingly well known for their ability to produce high quality paint projects.

Yacht varnishing in Antigua

King Kong Yacht Service can offer a complete boat varnishing service. This can include the bright work on the deck to the varnishing of a superstructure on all types of timber vessels. Whether the decision is to varnish the interior or the exterior, King Kong has the capability to handle the requests.

Varnish that is not maintained on a boat will damage and flake easily as a result of the sun’s harsh UV rays. When boats do not regularly keep on top of varnishing, a much more extensive job is required and would involve stripping the wood right back before an application of varnish can be painted.

Expert yacht painting advice

King Kong Yacht Service can offer advice and resources so you can gain information on which service is right for your specific requirements.

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