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“Your boat, your colour with MACtac TuningFilm boat wraps”


MACtac Europe is a global boat wrap manufacturer, providing a truly professional, cost-effective way to personalise and protect luxury yachts through approved application partners, using the 53 colours and textures of the TuningFilm boat wraps range.

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Address: Bd. Kennedy Soignies, Belgium B-7060

Tel: +32 (0)6 73 46 21 1

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MACtac is a world-leader in self-adhesive boat wraps and vinyl films, used by marine professionals worldwide for the decoration, personalisation and protection of boats, luxury yachts and ships.

Whether you own a small sailing boat or a large motor yacht, MACtac vinyl boat wraps and graphics are a simple and cost-effective way to decorate, personalise and protect your vessel, and to rejuvenate aging hulls, safeguarding the resale value of your vessel.

Benefits of wrapping your yacht with MACtac boat wraps

Wrapping your boat or yacht with MACtac boat wraps and vinyl films is:

• Quick – taking an average of two days (9m/30ft boat)
• Cost effective – usually costing less than a paint finish
• Resistant – to UV, fading and abrasion
• Protected – with gel-coat to stay like new
• Long lasting – up to eight years, depending on colour/effect
• Aesthetic – keeping your boat or yacht looking like new
• Maintainable – easy to clean, maintain and spot repair
• Environmentally friendly – VOC free
• Removable – for a fresh, changeable look
• Safe – with no health or safety hazards

MACtac is a member of EcoNav in order to help boat owners and marine businesses to reduce their environmental impact.

MACtac TuningFilm boat wraps

Manufactured in Belgium, the TuningFilm range is available in 53 different colours and textures to give you the colour and finish that you desire for your boat or yacht.

TuningFilm boat wrap finishes and effects include:

• Sublime Gloss
• Sublime Matt
• Brushed
• Structured
• Carbon
• Iridescent

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