Special Wrap

Special Wrap is an experienced, trusted Italian business that specialises in boat wrapping and yacht wrapping services using resistance or removable films.

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Address: V. Rolfi 4/b, Santa Vittoria d'Alba Cuneo, Italy 12069

Tel: +39 33 31 61 58 27

Wrapping your yacht or boat is a great alternative to painting, as it saves on costs, protects paintwork underneath the wrap, and is visually indistinguishable from paint. If you need a full superyacht wrapping facilitated, or just a cover up on the tender, Special Wrap is ready for you.

Boat wrapping in Italy

Whether it’s time for a spruce-up of your boat’s exterior, you fancy a complete colour change, or you just want a racing stripe down the centre of your yacht, Special Wrap can easily, quickly, and professionally accommodate your requests.

Yacht wrapping in Italy

A huge number of different colour options are available, from glossy white and matte black to brushed gold and even carbon fibre – Special Wrap doesn’t get many requests it can’t cater for.

Removable wraps for boats

Special wrap can also facilitate the wrapping of your boat with removable films – designed specifically for easy removal and leaving the paint underneath in perfect condition. Great for temporary makeovers.