Le Coin des Chefs

“A selection of yacht provisions that has won over the greatest chefs"

Le Coin des Chefs is continually seeking the best artisan producers throughout the world, enabling them to propose a full range of outstanding products for yachts, directly sourced from the farmers, fisheries, dairies and olive groves.

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Address: ZI Les Trois Moulins 425 Rue de Goa Antibes, France / Monaco 06600

Operating in: France / Monaco

Tel: +33 (0)6 18 60 25 04

Le Coin des Chefs sources products directly from producers, with no middle-men. Not only do these producers pass on their expert knowledge of what they have to offer, but they also allow Le Coin des Chefs to fix its prices. See their brochure below to have a better understanding of what they offer.

Many of the products Le Coin des Chefs offers have already attracted some of the greatest chefs in the world and will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Specialist meat provisions for yachts

Le Coin des Chefs can fulfil any request, using their own cutting plant that meets strict HACCP regulations and has been awarded European Sanitary Approval.

From Galicia beef prime rib that is served in Juan Mari Arzak Restaurant (three-star Michelin) and Australian grain-fed Black Angus sirloin to 10-week dry aged Aubrac beef rib eye and Corrèze milk veal rack French trimmed.

A visit of their premises located in Antibes speaks for itself. Exceptional quality that cannot be found elsewhere and a tailor-made service await you.

Le Coin des Chefs has some of the rarest and most sought after meats in the world including

• Puro Bellota Iberico pork
• Kobe beef grade 11 from Japan
• Halal wagyu

A full range of poultry is available including: Bresse free range chicken, quails, Muscovy duckling, and guinea fowl - all directly sourced from the farm.

They also offer a wide selection of cured meat: Chorizo and lomo Bellota, 40 months cured Puro Bellota legs from Maldonado, Culatello di Zibello from Palavicina, Galicia beef cured ham and duck breast cured with pepper. All can be vacuum packed whole or sliced thin or thick on demand.

Specialist fish provisions for superyachts

Le Coin des Chefs is passionate about the food they supply and has the best fish provisions available for superyachts, including:

• Sashimi
• King Prawns from Australia
• raw seafood dishes
• Gambero Rosso from Sicilia
• Carabineros prawns from Surinam
• Chinook King Salmon
• The Paua (Blue Abalone) from New Zealand
• Chilean Seabass caught in the cold water of Kerguelen Islands
• Much more

They can even deliver Bluefin Mediterranean tuna as soon as it is caught and cut into saku and loin. So if you are looking for an amazing piece of otoro (tuna belly), they will deliver it straight to your superyacht.

Specialist Asian provisions

Le Coin des Chefs Asian selection is remarkable: Fresh wasabi roots are sourced weekly from the farm, as well as sushi rice from the Fuji Mountain and pure Yuzu juice.

Specialist dairy and grocery provisions

Bordier butter, raw table butter, extra virgin olive oil selected from the grove, sherry vinegar, which was sourced directly from the Bodega during Le Coin des Chefs last trip in Jerez, Spain.

Le Coin des Chefs also has a wide selection of fine dining dairy products.

Drinks provisions

Not only chefs but also chief stewards may find what they are looking for with a selection of artisanal juices (organic cranberry, black cherry with wild savory, apricot with wild Rosemary and many more) or artisanal jam with just fruits and unrefined cane sugar.

Wine provisions

A selection of first growth wines at market prices and always in original wooden cases (Haut-Brion 1989, Cheval Blanc 2005, Latour 2008 etc.) immediately available without notice.

Crew home comforts

Le Coin des Chefs is able to provide crew with specific requests for their favourite home comforts such as; bread, bacon or Hellman’s real mayonnaise.

Les Coin des Chefs has a huge range of superyacht provisions and can meet almost any demand.

Additional Information

Le Coin des Chefs Catalogue

Excellence in Provisioning

, Head Chef of 60m+ Lioness V - 17/09/2016-21:26
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Highly recommended on quality of service, produce and delivery.

Didier and his team excels in provisioning and service to M/Y Lioness V, delivering to any location requested at an agreed time.
They are a pleasure to deal with and come highly recommended.

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Le Coin des Chefs are the best!

, Head chef of 60m+ Tanusha - 16/09/2016-12:59
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

I have used many provisioning companies in the Mediterranean over the last 16 years, and these guys are the best! Always on time with exactly what I requested and the correct quantities. The produce is of exceptional quality and Didier and his team are always available on the phone, for discussion and advice. They will always go to great lengths to keep the customer happy, I haven't had any problems yet and I will definitely keep using them. Thanks Didier!

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Le Coin des Chefs

, Captain of 41m to 50m Hayken - 06/10/2014-12:48
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

The food is an excellent standard along with a reliable delivery.

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One shop stop

, Chef of 31m to 40m M/Y Seabluez - 09/09/2014-11:26
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

I met the corner Chefs at the historic grand prix where they had a food demonstration, soon after I visited their facilities and have been a regular ever since

I've been looking for something like this since 2007, they surpass all my expectations. Excellent standards and attitude. Why work with sharks when you can swim with dolphins!

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, Chef of 41m to 50m M/Y Hayken - 06/09/2014-11:29
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Definitely my favourite provisioning place. Quality of the products, wonderful meat, incredible fish, beautiful fruits and vegetables... but not only that, the service is excellent too. Thank you very much Didier and Manu for the great job.

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Superior quality, superior Provisioner

, Chef of 41m to 50m MY ZITA - 03/09/2014-19:46
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

As a Chef on Yachts for 14 years its satisfying to finally find and work with an elite provisioner. Great products always delivered in a professional manner.
Highly recommended.

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Great Corner for Chef .

, Executive Chef of 60m+ Motor Yacht ACE - 03/09/2014-18:22
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Exceptional Meat Selection & Gourmet product
Great Service and very friendly
Thank you for the support during the med season and see you in the Maldives :-)

Chef Alain

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