Mediterranea Marittima di Navigazione e Servizi S.p.A.


Mediterranea Marittima offers yachts and superyachts a wide range of provisioning supplies in all Mediterranean ports and marinas.

Main contact

Address: Via Calata Laurenti, 20 Civitavecchia, Italy 00053

Tel: +39 07 66 36 65 12

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Mediterranea Marittima has many years’ experience in providing the yachting industry with high quality provisioning and supply services. They can meet the high expectations of clients due to their 1500M squared warehouses; products can be supplied quickly and efficiently while staying fresh.

Provisioning in all Mediterranean ports

Mediterranea Marittima can provide services in all Mediterranean ports, with bases in all major Italian ports including:

• Civitavecchia
• Genoa
• Messina
• Livorno
• Napoli
• Anzio

Yacht provisioning supplies and products in Italy

As well as all your usual requirements, Mediterranea Marittima can provide a range of specialist supplies. Provisions include locally sourced and foreign foods, such as:

• Cigarettes
• Beer
• Mineral waters and soft drinks
• Coffee
• Liquors
• Wines
• Fresh and frozen food
• Duty free

All staff are highly qualified and experienced in yacht provisioning and have over 20 years’ experience in the field of catering.

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