Poissonnerie Develay

“Cannes’ favourite provisioners for fresh fish and seafood”


Poissonnerie Develay is an established fishmonger and yacht provisioner in Cannes, France, supplying the freshest fish and seafood to luxury yachts visiting the south coast throughout the summer season, from St Tropez to Monaco.

Main contact

Address: 71 Bd. Sadi Carnot Le Cannet, France / Monaco 06110

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 45 74 71

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Ideally located in Le Cannet, Develay’s Fishmonger is well known by Cannes’ local residents, businesses and visiting yachts, with a reputation for providing the freshest seafood in the region.

Established In 1985, Develay’s has been sourcing the widest choice of seafood, including fresh fish and shellfish from the French coast and imported delicacies.

Superyacht services – Yacht provisioners in Cannes

Develay’s provides a reliable yacht provisioning service to boats, yachts and superyachts along the south coast, from St Tropez to Monaco.

They deliver orders to the superyacht passerelle promptly in temperature-controlled vehicles to ensure the highest quality in sushi, lobsters, king crab and caviar for yacht guests and crew.

Fresh fish and seafood suppliers

The Develay Fishmongers shop in Le Cannet is furnished with the most modern equipment for the preparation of orders and deliveries.

The type and variety of fish and seafood available at Develay’s changes from day-to-day, but they are able to source and supply a range of provisions to suit your requirements, including:

• A variety of fresh fish
• Crab and lobster
• Clams, oysters and mussels
• Sushi
• Caviar
• Oils, spices and seasonings
• Chilled wines and champagnes

Sushi bar

The fishmongers is also home to an impressive sushi bar, offering an array of culinary creations.

Contact Poissonnerie Develay today to arrange fresh yacht provisions in Cannes.

Hours of work

Open seven days a week from 1st April to 30th September.