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Shore Solutions is a luxury yacht provisioning company that can supply everything from the finest food and drink to interior items of distinction.

Main contact

Address: 6 Av. du Centre Cannes La Bocca, France / Monaco 06150

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 90 77 60

E: send us an email

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Will use again

, Chef White Rose of Drachs - 13/11/2014-14:29
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I would like to write to you and let you know that all the meat and fish from Shore Solutions was of the highest quality, both the guest and the crew meat and fish was extremely tender and full of flavour, which both guests and crew really enjoyed. I would not hesitate in recommending you to any other boat or company, and also using you myself in the future.

Did not let us down

, Captain S/Y Drumbeat - 13/11/2014-14:28
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The normal problem with our cruising itineraries is conflicting interests. Owners and charters want to be as remote as possible, but still want all the varied luxuries of a super yacht. With your help we have made this possible. You have been able to supply us with everything we asked for, even the strange last minute requests, without any problems. I have always felt confident that whatever we asked for you would deliver, on time. You did not let us down once all season, for that, I thank you.

Nothing forgotten

, . - 13/11/2014-14:27
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Thank you once again. All provisions arrived in top condition and for the first time ever in my yachting career nothing was missing! I'm sure if you or any of your team has worked on boats you will know provisioning can be the hardest thing to get right.You guys have excelled in what you do from both ends, office support and sourcing and Kirsti at this end. A big, big thank you again and I really look forward to working with you again in the future. All the best

Our main supplier

, Head chef of 60m+ Charter yacht - 13/11/2014-14:26
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For anyone who needs great service, top quality food and wants to deal with people who care about the produce they send out, I recommend Shore Solutions. I work on a back to back charter yacht which travels extensively with high profile guests and I need to make sure the food I work with is of a high quality. From the way it is personally sourced, packed and delivered to me shows that all the effort that Andrew and his team have built up over the years has paid off. I look forward to using them as my main supplier for years to come.

They know what I like

, Chef Parsifal III - 13/11/2014-14:18
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As a chef in the yachting industry you are always on your toes, looking for the one provisioning agent that can help quickly and efficiently as well as having the quality of produce that we chefs desire. I have had the pleasure of working with the team at shore solutions since December 2004 when in the Indian Ocean. Since then every order I have ever received has been of a great standard to what I’m used to in Australia. The produce, meats, sea foods and dry goods are A* and packed with tender love and care. The service is also incredible. I work on a busy charter yacht and can’t afford mistakes and that’s why I have a relationship with SS, they know what I like and can send it to me anywhere worldwide in the shortest time possible. I really can’t ask for more. Keep up the good work!

Fantastic team

, Purser of 60m+ Aviva - 13/11/2014-14:17
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Having worked on large yachts for fifteen years, I have been delighted with the efforts that Shore Solutions have made to provide us with a Food & Beverage service that has been second to none! No request has ever been a problem and in this business that says a lot. Here’s to a great team at Shore Solutions!

Christmas with Shore Solutions

, Captain M/Y Vava - 13/11/2014-14:16
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Firstly, please can you pass on a big thank you to all the team at Shore Solutions for the service and quality of produce that you supplied over the Christmas period during our stay in the Maldives. It was quite strange to have our very own ‘supermarket’ so close at hand!! Seriously, we have been in this game for a long time and quite genuinely the service provided was first class, many thanks indeed.

Trouble free

, Chief stewardess S/Y Drumbeat - 13/11/2014-14:15
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The ability to organise everything we have needed from stationery to iPods, with very little notice, has made the normal logistics of cruising in the Indian Ocean trouble-free. It has made my job a lot simpler, thank you.

Fantastic service

, Chief stewardess M/Y Serena M - 13/11/2014-14:14
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Being on a busy boat when you have to trust the people to get what you want is always hard. Since working with the team at Shore Solutions I feel as if they are almost crew members. They have been able to guarantee times of deliveries and always meet our deadline, the products always arrive exactly how I would expect – and there isn’t anything they cannot get. They are also able to offer help and advice on producing wine cellars, offering extra wine information which is able to help when it comes down to guest satisfaction. I will be using Shore Solutions throughout the future because of their personalised service and the key point great communication.

Thanks for your help!

, Chef S/Y Drumbeat - 13/11/2014-14:13
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The prompt, first-rate, food provided by Shore Solutions over the winter in both the Seychelles and Maldives has made 5-star meals on the yacht a possibility. Without your help we would have really struggled to find the produce necessary to keep the owners and charters happy on such a high profile yacht.

The provisions are amazing!

, Chef of 60m+ - 13/11/2014-14:12
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I could not find fault with a single item. I could see that care had been taken to source everything, and I know the range of items was wide. The fruit and veg beautiful!!! So thank you so much!! The best delivery I have received from Shore Solutions to date. All these great ingredients make me excited to start cooking!!.....which really is the point isn’t it!!! I know a lot of effort went into this one. It is much appreciated!!!!!

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the AMAZING food

, Chef Utopia - 13/11/2014-14:11
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What can I say you guys know what a difference it makes and this stuff is incredible.


, Chef of 60m+ - 13/11/2014-14:10
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Everything looks great!! I am really impressed with the quality and the packaging according to my requirements, this is the best I have had in a long time including my regular supplier in the states.

Always a simple process

, Master White Rose of Drachs - 13/11/2014-14:09
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The customer focus of the team at Shore Solutions coupled with their excellent produce turned provisioning into a simple process. No detail was overlooked and everything arrived the way it was ordered.

Honest people

, Purser of 60m+ - 13/11/2014-14:08
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I have always valued the honest advice, competitive prices and prompt delivery offered by those at Shore Solutions, and will continue to use them worldwide


, Captain Maltese Falcon - 13/11/2014-12:24
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Awesome service, a massive thank you Shore Solutions for all of your help.

Very punctual

, Ex skipper Indian Empress - 13/11/2014-11:59
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Shore Solutions have over the last two years provided second to none service to M/Y Indian Empress. The company is consistent and thorough in their service whilst maintaining the highest standard of their provisions. I must compliment them on their timely deliveries - every time.

Very reliable

, Chief Stewardess M/Y Hampshire II - 13/11/2014-10:10
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Without a doubt one of the most reliable companies in the yachting industry. I would highly recommend Shore Solutions for their passion and commitment to supplying the highest quality of products and services. No matter where you are, they will always be there to help you out!

A godsend

, Chef Seven Sins - 13/11/2014-10:08
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I cannot thank you enough for the load off and the attention to detail in my orders. Thank you so much... I'll be sure to use your services again, you've really been a godsend!


, Chief Stewardess White Rose of Drachs - 24/10/2014-12:33
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We have always received a very reliable service from Shore Solutions. Thanks!

Very fast

, Mate of 41m to 50m Starling - 24/10/2014-11:31
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Shore Solutions provide good products and a very fast service. Thank you.