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Address: 547 Chemin St Georges La Roquette Sur Siagne, France / Monaco 06550

Tel: +33 (0)6 01 41 41 10

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Spirit Services

, Chief Stewardess of 60m+ M/Y Baton Rouge - 18/07/2014-13:39
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I have never come across such professional suppliers as David and his team. Nothing is too small or large and they will take care of every order with absolute precision. This is the very first supplier who delivers EARLY, not late, and the exact quantities - never a mistake made. Davids knowledge of wine is vast, and he has gone above and beyond sourcing difficult to find vino from across the globe. I could not have done this busy season without Davids help, and my full confidence that every order which I have placed with Spirit, will be delivered to perfection. The time David spent working on yachts himself clearly pays dividends, as Spirit Services attention to detail is beyond compare. With the best prices in the med, and such first class service, I will now never use anyone else! Truly the sooner you switch to Sprit the better - could not speak more highly about these fantastic guys! Clare Roberts


, Purser of 60m+ M/Y Falcon Lair - 04/07/2014-13:21
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Reliable fast service and very flexible. Number one on my provision dialing list.

yachting provisions

, Purser/Chief Steward of 60m+ M/Y Samar - 04/07/2014-13:21
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Reliable and efficient provisions company, well known in the yachting world. Excellent quality/exclusive products for yachts and villas.

Review on Spirit Services

, Captain of 60m+ MY NARA - 04/07/2014-11:53
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David provided an excellent, competitively priced efficient and friendly service. Well recommended.


- 27/07/2013-18:53
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Stephan and David provide an excellent service.Their combined food knowledge is second to none and their friendly manner and speed of service ensures a top notch service.Price wise , they are impossible to beat and I look forward to dealing with them again for the future.


- 20/03/2013-13:13
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We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of Spirit Services provides. I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you again !

Good prices and available 24/7

- 21/01/2013-17:02
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Spirit services are the best company I work with, they can find anything you asked them and they keep you informed at any time. They provide for 40 crew members and up to 36 guests on our boat and I have never had to complain. They are great professionals who understand your need and take care to bring you the best products. They are also really organised with bills and make your work easier at the end of the day.

The best delivery company!

- 11/10/2012-20:31
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Good timing, the best prices on market and products, as well. They do answer to my requests 24/7.

Amazing produce, service and prices!!

- 09/10/2012-12:46
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Spirit Services have proven themselves time after time that they will soon be the leaders in their field. They are a relief from the usual overpriced yacht provisioners and provide a friendly, efficient, and top quality service every time. I wouldn't use anybody else.

Good prices

- 27/09/2012-08:26
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They were very helpful and offered a great service at great prices. Happily use them again!